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[Important Tip!] How To Embed YouTube Videos on BetterMost

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Phillip Dampier:
We are pleased to introduce a new feature for residents.  You can now embed YouTube videos directly into your messages in the forums!  This lets you share content you've found on YouTube and let the user see it as a built-in player right in your message.  You just hit the play button and you can watch whatever your friends have found to share.

It's easy!  Just take a moment to review this short tutorial and you'll be ready to go!

1. Writing your message: When you post a message on BetterMost, you'll discover a brand new icon in the editor that looks like this:   At any point in your message you wish to embed your YouTube video, simply click the icon (it'll be just below the Italics symbol.)  When you do, something like this will appear:

--- Code: ---[youtube=425,350][/youtube]
--- End code ---

It's really just another bulletin board code you can use.  The numbers 425,350 just tell the system what size video player the content is customized for.  Don't change them.

2. Go and find the URL for the video you want to share.  When you visit any video on YouTube, to the right of the player you'll find code for the URL of the video.  It usually looks something like:

--- Code: ---http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eD8oO2HIORc
--- End code ---

You want to use the copy and paste feature in your web browser to transfer that URL into the BetterMost editor, fitting in-between the youtube and /youtube commands.  Here is an example:

--- Code: ---[youtube=425,350]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eD8oO2HIORc[/youtube]
--- End code ---

Now you can either finish writing your message, or just preview it and then save it.  The software will automatically convert your link to work properly with the forum software.

I recommend embedding one video per message.

Just saw that! GREAT! Brilliant Philip! Thank you!

j. U. d. E.

oooh! I could have fun with this!!!

Phillip, I just tried embedding a YouTube, but only blank space appeared when I clicked "Preview," so I just posted the url instead.  Is it me, or is it not working yet?  I made sure to use the url instead of the embed link.

yeah I've done that too and just getting a blank screen.. ?


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