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Dun Dun... Law & Order Out


Phillip Dampier:
In the biggest irony in television history, a cable channel called Sleuth (which replaced Trio which nobody watched) calls itself the crime drama channel and doesn't carry Law & Order: Whatever -or- CSI.  Repurposed programming (the rest of us call it repeats) fills the evening schedules of TNT, USA, and Spike.  It did allow me to catch one line I had missed from a Law & Order: Criminal Intent (sans D'Onofrio who was given a break after he had one when John Kerry lost the 2004 election).  Opera violinist gets tossed down an elevator shaft.  In the funniest moment I have yet seen outside of Briscoe's trademark wisecracks, a defense lawyer tells the woman detective who is exploring the psyche of the defendent:

"Alright, enough of the Vulcan mind meld."

I adore Law & Order. SVU's my favourite though.

I don't think Sleuth is available here, but Law & Order, in all of its permutations, is frequently on in my home because it's something my Mom & I agree on...She prefers Court TV/Cops but I draw the line any 'reality TV'.  That said, D'Onofrio is one of my favorite characters.  I relate to his quirkiness and love his mental leaps.  Who knew he was a Trekkie too?!  Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.


--- Quote from: Lynne on April 24, 2006, 09:10:51 pm ---I draw the line any 'reality TV'.  That said, D'Onofrio is one of my favorite characters. 

--- End quote ---

Brokeback, coding and reality TV.  Who knew we had so much in common, Lynne?  I'm partial to the original Law and Order on Wednesday nights...

Kindred spirits, huh?  It's great to see you!


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