Brokeback Mountain Radio 2Welcome to Brokeback Mountain Radio Two!

We will begin test broadcasts shortly, so please watch the Brokeback Mountain Radio forum on BetterMost for announcements and a program schedule.

The original Brokeback Mountain Radio has been renamed Brokeback Mountain Radio One and will continue with its current format of music from, and inspired by Brokeback Mountain.

Radio Two is the home for our longer programming, including news and talk shows, special features for our creative writing community, drama, documentaries and more.  Radio Two will give you a sense of the life and culture of the great mountain west, as well as original programming created by members of our community.

A complete program guide will be available soon!

Your comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcomed.  If you have an idea for a new show, or want to get involved in creating a program yourself, please drop us a line!

We're excited to launch this second station, and we hope you'll find the programming compelling and enjoyable!

Yours truly,
Phillip M. Dampier

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