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I hadn't expected the entire thread to have vanished, but it has been a long time since I have been an active member of the community.

I wanted to write about a new experience (for me) which has helped me realize that the Dreamfilm Experience is not an isolated event. It is a categorical event. Yes, I have discovered a second Dreamfilm. Comparisons between the two will help scholars who are interested in defining the categories.

The film: A Heavenly Vintage

If you haven't seen it yet, please do so. Highly recommended. I would especially like people to notice the similarities between Brokeback Mountain and A Heavenly Vintage, as by doing so we might understand more deeply how such films can so deeply influence our thought processes and identities.

Thank you, Daniel.

I see the original Strange Connections has been archived.  Let me know (or Penth or Ellemeno) if you wish to restore it, and we can merge your new post with your original blog.

It's nice to see you here again.


Thank you, Lynne, that would be excellent.

I've been out of town over the past few days due to my grandmother's funeral. I was a pallbearer, and although at the time I was just eager to get it done and out of the way, I hope it will be some time before I have to be one again.

Well look what Hurricane Sandy the wind blew in!  Nice to see you here again, Daniel.  :)

My condolences on the loss of your grandmother.  I hope you have a very long break from funerals, too.

Here's a link I found for the trailer for A Heavenly Vintage.  Looks interesting:

Yes, I forgot to say that the film has two titles. The Vintner's Luck is the other one. As far as I know the films are exactly the same and only the title is different. The film is based on the book Vinter's Luck: A Novel by Elizabeth Knox (and one I am searching to purchase at the nearest convenience).


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