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Remembering BayCityJohn

It is with great sadness that I'm writing this post, to talk about the passing of John Trudell, better known on the Ultimate Brokeback Forum as BayCityJohn.  BayCityJohn was one of the early members to the Ulitmate Brokeback Forum, and he quickly joined the team here as a tech specialist, volunteering his time to assist the forum with upgrades, updates, and general forum maintenance.

He attended many of the Brokie gatherings over the years.  His first was the BBM Backyard BBQ in Texas, and he hosted the gathering in Bay City, Michigan, which was held on the weekend of the Academy Awards, and was considered our own protest of Brokeback Mountain's Best Picture loss to Crash.   Bay City John was also part of the Ultimate Brokeback Forum Band, which performed before our private viewing of our movie.

BayCityJohn won Heath Ledger's shirt in an online auction, and he wore it to several of the gatherings.  He was wearing it when he met Oscar-winnging Brokeback screenwriter Diana Ossana.  Later on, John and Diana became friends, often posting on each other's Facebook pages, and he even organized a lunch for some Brokies, which was attended by Diana and her fellow screenwriter, Larry McMurtry.

BayCityJohn was featured author in the book "Beyond Brokeback, the Impact of A Film", and he took part in the two ads that were placed in Variety magazine, one to thank everyone involved with Brokeback, and one to remember Heath Ledger. 

John, we can't thank you enough for all you've done for the forum, and all of us, for the past 14 years.  You will be missed, and you are loved.



CellarDweller & BayCityJohn


Boris (Jari), KillersMom (Linda), Maturben  (Bob), PaintedShoes (Jackie) & BayCityJohn (John)



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