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If you missed Rodney's reading in Bay City, here's your chance to hear what you missed!  :D

Tune into BBM Radio this Wednesday 03/14 at 9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT (01:00 UTC/GMT Thur) and Thursday 03/15 at 2:00pm ET/11:00am PT (18:00 UTC/GMT) as we present:


The epic short story by Annie Proulx
as read by Musician/Actor


Annie Proulx, Pulitzer Prize winning author
of The Shipping News, has written some of
the most original and brilliant short stories
in contemporary literature, and for many,
“Brokeback Mountain” is her masterpiece.
It tells the tale of Ennis del Mar and Jack
Twist, two under-educated ranch hands that
come together while working as sheep
herder and camp tender one summer on a
range above the tree line on Wyoming’s
Brokeback Mountain. At first they share
only a comradeship, but it soon deepens into
a relationship that neither man comprehends.
At the end of their idyllic time on the
mountain, the two men part ways, marry and            
have children because that’s what is
expected of them by the society in which
they live. But over the course of many years
and frequent separations the relationship
between the two men becomes the most
important thing in their lives, and they do
anything they can to preserve it.
“Brokeback Mountain” was originally
published in “The New Yorker” magazine in
October 1997 and eventually published as
the final story in an anthology of Wyoming
stories by Ms. Proulx entitled Close Range.
In gorgeous and haunting prose, Annie
Proulx depicts the difficult, dangerous affair
between two young ranch hands that
survives everything but the world’s violent
intolerance.Now a brilliant film by Ang Lee,
“Brokeback Mountain” has had profound
effect on the lives of countless people
around the world. The Oscar®-nominated
performances of Heath Ledger and Jake
Gyllenhaal have vividly brought to life the
heartbreaking tale of Ennis and Jack and
how their love for each other affected all
those with whom they shared their lives.

For many people, “Brokeback Mountain” is
the name of the brilliantly poignant Ang Lee
film. These people never read or never had
access to the original short story. For these
“film-only” people, the short story offers
significant enough differences to exist sideby-
side with the film, offering the reader the
no-nonsense prose style of author Annie
Proulx, as well as vividly descriptive
imagery of the Wyoming mountain country.
Add to that the aural experience of actually
listening to Annie Proulx’s epic short story
read by a skilled interpreter, and “Brokeback
Mountain” takes on new and added
dimensions unknown to “film-only” people.
It’s very possible that readers of the short
story will hear new and added dimensions
previously unknown to them as well. This
is one of the indescribable qualities of this
timeless and timely story. Something new
can be experienced with each subsequent
reading of the story or viewing of the film.  


Musician/actor RODNEY GILES is a resident of
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and Cherry Grove, Fire
Island, New York. By training he is an
accomplished organist/church musician and
concert artist; by avocation he is an accomplished
stage actor/singer, with a career which began in
high school and continues to the present day four
decades later. Recent theater appearances have
been at his summer community on Fire Island, in
which he has appeared in Paul Rudnick’s
“Jeffrey,” A. R. Gurney’s “Love Letters,” Paul
Harris’ “You Look For Me” and Sal Piro’s “Panzi
and Philomena Meet Frankenstein.” As a senior
in high school, he starred in the very first US high
school production of “My Fair Lady” as Henry
Higgins, and has been in the spotlight as a
musician or actor ever since.
Then came “Brokeback Mountain.” Rodney’s
life was indelibly changed on December 16,
2005, when the film opened at the Gateway
Theater in Ft. Lauderdale. Like so many
countless others, he experienced that emotional
gut punch that defied all logic and sensibility, and
not until he located
“The Ultimate Brokeback Forum”
was he able to sort out and articulate what he was          
feeling as a result of the Brokeback experience.
Obsession began and continues to the present
day. From the very beginning of this new chapter
in his life he craved anything and everything
having to do with Jack and Ennis’ moving love
story. An initial acquisition fromeBay, which was a gigantic movie poster, opened
the tap for what has become quite an amazing
watershed collection of Brokeback memorabilia,
much of which has been featured several times on
the Forum’s Memorabilia thread and several
editions of “The Daily Sheet.” Many of the items
are autographed, and some are original and
unique treasures, including all six of the available
versions of the screenplay, and the most recent
acquisitions–Ennis’ fishing net and creel case–are
the crown jewels of the collection. Rodney’s
musical acumen allowed him the ability to
transcribe portions of the film’s musical score for
keyboard performance, and he has also sung “A
love that will never grow old” on many occasions
during the summer of 2006 on Fire Island.

Rodney’s launching of a one-person dramatic
reading of the short story is the result of dayafter-
day reading aloud of Annie Proulx’s
magnificent and powerful prose, hence “The
Brokeback Reading Project.” A good many
people in the world were first introduced to Jack
and Ennis by way of Ang Lee’s outstanding film,
never having read the short story. Rodney is one
of those film-first persons who subsequently
devoured the text of the original. He may have
given himself the moniker of “Script Boy” in
some of his posts on the Forum, but he claims
that Annie Proulx’s remarkable short story needs
and deserves to be experienced by hearing it read
dramatically: “The sounds of her unique prose
add yet a further dimension to the Brokeback
experience, whether for a first-timer or repeat

Musician/Actor RODNEY GILES
and Ennis' fishing net
Email for booking information:
[email protected]

Why isn't this on the banner? I wouldn't have known about it if Rodney hadn't told me he was doing it.

Don't miss this event!! I heard Rodney's reading in Bay City, Michigan and it added a whole new dimension to my understanding of the movie AND the story. This is a must-hear for anyone who's interest is even the slightest bit piqued by Brokeback Mountain. It causes the Campbell Scott version to pale by comparison!!


--- Quote from: Front-Ranger on March 12, 2007, 12:46:33 pm --- It causes the Campbell Scott version to pale by comparison!!

--- End quote ---

I loved the Campell Scott version. Can't miss this one to be able to compare myself. Looking forward to the broadcast  :).

I have never heard anything read so well as Rodney read us brokeback Mountain
in Fint, Michigan. I never cry in the movie; I cried at his reading.

...wiih the possible exception of Tennessee Williams reading from his poetry, and
Yellow Bird," and  "The Glass Menagerie." (33 1/3 RPM)

Which is my litle horse? Which is he?
Jean qui pleure, ou Jean qui rit?

Scan for Eric. (No, Eric--I don't remember every single word I ever heard you say!)


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