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Just started listening

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The  song (I guess it's wings) is playing.
I'm remembering the scenes in the movie and bawling! :'(
I really like this though station though.

You're hooked, aren't ya?  ;)

Line and sinker friend, line and sinker!

Always on my mind is on now.
Not trying to give a play by play of whats on the sattion, but after seeing the movie this song fits the story so well.
I can see this coming on the radio and Ennis losing it.
So sad.

This song by dwight yokham "what I don't know", was it from the movie?
Damn, it shold have been if not. It sounds like it was taken from Ennis' rant to Jack about Mexico!
That whole part of the movie is so freakin sad! :'(


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