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Re: The Brokebacklycrumb Tinies...
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S  is the Sounds of fecundity in Almas bedroom.

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Re: The Brokebacklycrumb Tinies...
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T is for Ennis's trauma of the impending doom.

For how long? As long as we can ride it; ain't no reins on this one.

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Re: The Brokebacklycrumb Tinies...
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U   is Jack's Untimely demise

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Re: The Brokebacklycrumb Tinies...
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V is a Visit's unpleasant surprise.

W is "Warsh" - Ennis did with a cloth

X is eX-husband, when Alma ran off.

Y is  a Yearning that burns in the heart.

Z is for Zodiac, in which Jake had a part.
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Re: The Brokebacklycrumb Tinies...
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All complete now.  Excellent, Bruce!  8)
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Re: The Brokebacklycrumb Tinies...
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A is for the After effects of the FNIT
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Re: The Brokebacklycrumb Tinies...
« Reply #646 on: March 07, 2014, 04:20:11 pm »
Happy Throwback, Froback Friday!!
I was reading about Scottish islands and read this:
The name "Inch" (Innis) can mean island (e.g. Inchkenneth, Inchcolm), but is also used for terra firma surrounded by marsh e.g. Markinch, Insch.
and just had to share!!

This is a thread I started on the other board. 

Based on the "The Gashlycrumb Tinies"
(With apologies to Edward Gorey...)

Edited to spell out the rules:

This is an "ABCdarium" constructed in ominous rhymed couplets.  The letters X and Z are a peculiar challenging in this format and are allowed a "cheat."  The cheated word must contain the letter, the sound of the letter must be a major feature in how the word is pronounced, and it must be capitalized within the word. 

This recap is a collaborative effort (special thanks to Malina, Clancy, Daphne, Dancing Bear, Littlewing, and Pianocellolove, anml-lver!):
A is for Aguirre, with an eagle's glare.
B is for BetterMost Beans made with care.
C is for Cassie who doesn't fall in love with fun.
D is for Delmar who was good with his gun.
E is for Ennis alone with his shirts.
F is the Filly who ditched Jack in the dirt.
G is for Gravy Jack pours on the bird.
H is for Horseys they rode for to herd.
I is for Innis, an Ennis variant.
J is for Jack -- in Ennis’ pants.
K is for K.E., he's Ennis' brother.
L is for Lightning (Flat), Jack’s home.
M is for Mexico to where he did roam.
N is for Nowhere, where Ennis says he was
O is for Open, Wyoming's open plains
P is for Parting, happened to our boys a lot
Q is for Queer, which Ennis and Jack were not
R is for Ranching, about which Ennis would know
S is for Sliding down a hill in the snow
T is the Truck that was parked by the gate.
U is the Unique camera move by the lake.
V is the Very big mistake Ennis makes.
W is White like the truck that went by.
X is "eXactly just how did Jack die?"
Y are the years that too quickly pass.
Z are the doZens of rolls on the grass.

Cycle Two: (Collaborative effort - Thank you all!)
A is for Apple – pie Ennis ate.
B is for Basque – he never was late.
C is for Caw – the sound of the hawk.
D is for Ding-a-ling – each kept in his jock.
E is for Eden which Brokeback symbolized.
F is for Fun – on the mountain was realized.
G is Jack's "Gun goin off" in the tent
H is for Hell where Jack said 'sinners' went
I is for Indigo, Jack's favorite color.
J is for Jesus who walked on the water.
K is a Klutz which Jack was with a gun.
L is Lureen who just liked to have fun.
M is for Monroe, the poor replacement
N is for New love, which, for both, was Heaven sent
O is for Open road, which Jack always drove
P is for Potatos, the boys cooked on the stove
Q is for Queer, which Ennis and Jack "ain't"
R is for Reunion, which all but makes us faint
S is the Sky above Jack's folks' farm.
T is the Tetons Ennis always worked on. (Thanks for that anml-lvr!)
U is for Utah up around Sage.
V is the Victory on the Golden Globe stage.
W is for Waiting for dear Jack to come home
X is an eXcruiating call on the phone
Y are the Yips the coyotes sang
Z is the Zipper Jack flicked with a twang.

Cycle Three: (for extra credit by ClancyPantsDelMar!)
A is for Annie who gave us the story
B is for Brokeback, a mountain in glory.
C is for ClancyPants, gee what a doop
D is for Don’t never order soup.
E is for Eagle feather in cap
F is for the tent’s wide-open Flap.
G is for Grabbing them forty winks
H is for Hand washing while at the sink.
I is for I made two thousand dollars
J is for Jesus, who walked on the water.
K is for Knife used for to whittle
L is for Loogie in Old Man Twist’s spittle.
M is for Mountain, we’re back to Brokeback
N is for New Yorker where we met Jack.
O is for Ossana, who wrote with such feeling
P is for Peeking while Potato Peeling.
Q is for Q.T. which they were on
R is for Randall spouse of Lashawn.
S is for Shirts covered in blood
T is for Timmy the talkative dud.
U is for Underwear not found on Ennis
V is for Versatile a road-hogging menace.
W is for Wyoming abounding with sheep herds
X is for X-I-F, as in “fix” spelled backwards.
Y is for “You bet!” Come to my place
And there’s a Z in doZy -- what an embrace.

Cycle Four: (extra credit for Dancing Bear!)
A is for Alma, she wears lots of red
B is for Bullet, it kills the elk dead
C is for Castrating Calves all the day
D is for Dancing, Cassie must have her way
E is for Elk, they won’t kill a tame sheep
F is for Feelings, which run oh so deep
G is for Gusts of wind, symbol of Jack
H is for Harmonica, no music do they lack
I is for Interested, Jack’s puppydog eyes
J is for Jackalope, Chupacabra in disguise
K is for Kiss, it electrifies us
L is for Lonely, thus Jack makes a fuss
M is for Motel, they jounced on the bed
N is for Newsome, to whom Jack was wed
O is for Ogle, Randall looking at Jack
P is for Pissant - the respect that Jack lacks
Q is for ‘Quit me!’, Jack never would do
R is for Riding – Cigar Butt and You-Know-Who
S is for Signal, the place they part ways
T is for Tent, where the both of them stays
U is Undercover, where their true loves reside
V is for Venom, OMT is so snide
W is for ‘Well I won’t”, as Jack sulks with a frown
X is for Xstacy when the elk goes down
Y is for ‘YEHAW’ after Jack takes a leak
Z is for Z Soup the Basque orders for the week

EDITED to Include Our First BETTERMOST Recap:

A is for Jack’s Airplane the Ennis shot from the sky.
B was a Bird o’er the white truck driving by.
C is the Cut over Ennis’s eye.
D is Don Wroe, the cabin guy.
E  is Enough, there is never enough time – it always seems to fly.
F is for Fathers, which Jack and Ennis were by and by.
G is the Gallons of tears Ennis shed.
H is the Hair on Jack’s chest in the bed.
I is the Insignificance Alma felt.
J is the jingling of Jack’s rodeo belt.
K is the knots Ennis was tying.
L is the Line where the laundry was drying.
M is Male, Jack and Ennis’s gender.
N is a Note, returned to its sender.
O was the Offer made to the camp tender.
P is the pasture where the sheep were a-grazing.
Q is the Quiet Ennis enjoyed while stargazing.
R is the Ruckus on Thanksgiving Day.
S is the Storm that led the sheep all astray.
T is a Toy on table in a room.
U is the Umbral sensation of gloom.
V is the Verdure of the mountain summer.
W is Woe on the face of Jack’s mother.
X is eXcitement in a reunion kiss.
Y is “YOU BET!” – a reunion Ennis wouldn’t miss!
Z is a Zipper by which Jack’s pants zipped,
When he peed by the fire and on his boots dripped.

Outstanding Job Everyone!

Anyone want to start a new cycle?

"chewing gum and duct tape"