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    Short questionaire part three. ,

  1.  If you could go to dinner with one of the main people from Brokeback Mountain...
           Ang Lee, Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Williams, Anne Hathaway Diana Ossana, Randy Quaid.
            Annie Proulx.   Who would you choose,? Much as I'd love to meet Heath who is a charming, wise and sensitive man, way beyond his years, I'd have to say Annie Proulx because she holds all the answers.

       2.  You can ask them one question.   What would it be.?May I have all sixty of your drafts, please? Right now?

       3.   Which person in the film do you most identify with.? Ennis

       4.   Who other than Heath and Jake do you see being able to play Jack and Ennis now.? I think Heath was the perfect Ennis. I'd like to have seen Jack played by someone with curly hair and buck teeth, and who was shorter and more rounded, i.e. the book description. I think the height difference is important. Actually, all of Jack's physical description ins important, and alters much of the story. And his character is a little less romantic too. Having said that, I adore Jake's performance and wouldn't change it or him. I'd just be interested in another version.

       5.    Do you wish they had made the movie in Wyoming, instead of in Canada? Yes. Wyoming has a differeny feel, less generous than Canada.

       6.    Do you think you could have convinced them to stay together, if you had been a

              a confidant they trusted? I'd only need to convince Ennis! It might have been possible so long as I could have him locked in a room for a month with plenty of whiskey, and a straightjacket handy for when he wanted to act up. Seriously, I think he just needed a big enough shock in order to move a little and Jack could have done the rest.
       7.     Do you think the way the story was written that Jack had to die, in order to make

               the story credable.? Sadly, yes. Ennis needed that body blow to understand. If Jack had just wandered off and made another life, he wouldn't have been the Jack I know. I don' t think he could live without Ennis.

        8.     Do you wish there was a way to make a prequel or sequel  ? There ain't never enough Brokeback! No.

        9.     Have you started to lose your enthuasism for the entire thing? *falls on floor, laughing hysterically* No, it just changes as the months roll on.

       10.     Do you then think you are in it for the long haul?  Like trekies,, will forever be

                 a Brokie? Yes, I do.

        These are questions I have been hearing , and decided to make into a quiz form