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A BetterMost Exclusive - Our Radio Stations
« on: June 25, 2007, 07:40:18 pm »
One thing you'll find on no other website are our community-supported and programmed radio stations.

Radio One serves up a playlist of great music from the movie (including score music not on the released soundtrack) plus a whole ton of music that speaks to the film.  Brokeback Mountain Radio One's playlist is based on your suggestions and changes often!  Your program director is Sfericsf (Eric).  Radio One is the Ennis of our two stations - not a lot of talk, just a whole lot of great music!

Radio Two, which began testing this morning, is devoted to longer-form programming, more spoken than sung.  It will be the home of some of our specials, plus will carry informational programming for our community members working on their journeys.  Programs for writers, those interested in the culture and music of the mountain west, plus news and information about Wyoming will be on Radio Two.  Right now, we're testing with some news and a Soundscape - ambient sounds from atop Brokeback Mountain -- the crackling campfire, crickets, and coyotes.  Put it on and then spend time here in BetterMost with the campfire to keep you company.  It's bolder and more long-winded.  Definitely the Jack of our two radio stations.

You'll find them only on BetterMost.  Just click the logos off to your right and start listening!

Remember, if you have comments, have a problem, or would like to make a song request, we have a forum just for our radio stations - Brokeback Mountain Radio 1 & 2.  It's just a might down from this one!

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