Author Topic: 100 Things to do before you Die!  (Read 77927 times)

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Re: 100 Things to do before you Die!
« Reply #80 on: September 21, 2007, 08:00:10 pm »
 Kiss a movie star.  :D

 Swim with a dolphin.   :D

 Take the next taxi to the airport and catch the next plane to anywhere.    :D

 Love your body. :D

 Travel from coast to coast across the USA. :D

 Fall in love in Paris. :D

 Plant a tree. done (1994 in Israel)

 Do something you fear. done (jumping from a 45m high cliff, gliding down a rope - did it last week.. I'm proud!)

 Sky dive. :D

 Smell snow. done

 Watch a lunar eclipse. done

 Have your portrait painted. done (it was a sketch)

 Be an extra in a film. :D

 Be able to take compliments. :D

 Trace your family tree. done (ongoing)

 Make a wish as you throw a coin into Rome’s Trevi fountain. done

 Go to the Cannes Film Festival. :D

 Spend the night in a haunted house. :D (if it's friendly haunted)

 Write a song. :D

 Read a book in one sitting. done

 Milk a cow. almost done

 Learn CPR. done

 Forgive yourself.  :-\

 Hug a stranger every day for a week. done once  one day

 Go white water rafting. done - Canada

 Ride a motorbike on the highway. :D

 Learn to juggle. done

 Collect something pointless. done! (stickers, empty diet coke cans of all sorts and lots more)

 Own a convertible. done - well, I own a Twingo (Renault) where I can open the roof..  ;D

 See all of Heath and Jake’s movies. trying..

 Join a dig for dinosaur bones. :D

 Pick wildflowers in an alpine meadow. done

 Walk in a rain forest. :D

 Help out at a hospice for the dying.  :)

 Memorise a poem. done

 Shoot a short film. done (but not on my own)

 Light incense at the Pyramids. I was there once, but I didn't light incense..

 Get a tattoo. done (in 1998 in Tel Aviv)

 Play lead guitar in a band. :D (or rather even lead singer)

 Meet someone with your own name. done (distant cousin - I only met her once, when she was a toddler. She had a high fever rush. Her parents put cold towels around her entire body - awful ordeal but it helped!)

 Visit the Mona Lisa and smile at her. done (not sure if I smiled though)  :-\

 Gallop a horse on a deserted beach. :D

 Work in a soup kitchen on Christmas day. :D

 Have a star named after you. :D

 Experience weightlessness. :D

 Fly in a hot air balloon. :D

 Be a contestant on a game show. done ("Que le Meilleur Gagne" with Nagui - it was in Paris in 1995 I think)

 Become a vegetarian. done (Well, kind of. I eat fish and poultry)

 Live overseas. done (several times)

 Own original works of art. :D

 Grow your own vegetables. done
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Re: 100 Things to do before you Die!
« Reply #81 on: September 22, 2007, 01:51:09 am »

The top three choices so far are:

1. Love your body (16)

2. Gallop a horse on a deserted beach (15)

3. 14 people chose the following:

- Kiss a movie star

- Swim with a dolphin

- Shower under a waterfall

- Forgive yourself

Thank you for participating, everyone!  :D
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Re: 100 Things to do before you Die!
« Reply #82 on: December 26, 2011, 12:29:18 pm »
he, he Sandy, you're in fine form today!! Since we're getting Paulitical here, I'm ready to start my Friday happy hour early with a tasty Cosmo-paul-itan!! The colour of it reminds me a little of the margarita I had with Luigi last week at a restaurant overlooking Denver. It was a prickly pear margarita in almost that same shade of pink. A very tasty treat indeed!!

I received the cookbook from this restaurant for Christmas and was fondly reminded of the time when friend Luigival and I enjoyed a prickly pear margarita on the deck, overlooking the Front Range and Denver. Those were the heavenly days!!
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Re: 100 Things to do before you Die!
« Reply #83 on: March 09, 2015, 09:02:46 am »
So many lovely ideas! You really inspired me a lot! Another thing I want to do before I die is to spend a week in the mountains running about with bare feet.....maybe I´ll do that in September......but I don´t have planned to die afterwards  Grin.....
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