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[Important Tip!] Updating Your E-Mail Address!
« on: August 26, 2007, 11:37:54 pm »
Many residents have set their preferences to automatically e-mail them about incoming PM's and important threads they wish to track.  Unfortunately, when you change your e-mail address (or the e-mail account expires), many folks forget to also update their e-mail address here on BetterMost.

That results in a whole mess of bounced messages when the system cannot deliver e-mail notifications about new PM's and new messages in threads you care about.

You can help by taking a moment to click the PROFILE button above this message and verify your personal account information, including e-mail address, is up-to-date.  I'm attempting to contact folks whose messages are bouncing by sending PM's to them, but it will save us time if you can always remember to keep your contact info up to date here.
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