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Welcome to the Bettermost People Forum!

BetterMost People is now about more than how we live, but also where we live, where we go (or want to go!), who we are and so on.

It's about US & who we are and what makes each of us unique!!

Please feel free to start a new thread about anything that is related to your daily life!

Do you have questions or issues about anything that you have to deal with? Please feel free to start a thread! ....

Have you been on a great holiday with lots of stories? Tell us!! ....

Want to show us some photos of your home, family or favourite place - use here as a place to show them off (as well as the upcoming gallery!) ....

Have you got some cooking, money saving, time saving tips!? Tell us!! ....

So far we have threads on personal goals, parenting, travel tips, finding a new job, money-saving tips, etc. We have many more ideas and will start posting new threads soon, so please join in & posts some more too!

(Remember, you can also create your own personal blog/diary to delve into your own life and issues in the Our Daily Thoughts forum.)

Greetings from the Bettermost people Forum mods,


and Kerry

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