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Anagrams Already Played
« on: November 23, 2007, 10:20:27 am »
Here's a list of Anagrams already played.  Feel free to add to it.  Please make the most recently added red.

A hot jolt scalded Ennis

A mating call

Annie Proulx

A prayer of thanks

Artless, charmed happiness

A tiny squared fence

Beanpole length

Bestial Drone

Big hats and Marlboros

Black baldies

Boneless blue

Boys should watch football

Broke all the time

Brokeback Mountain

Burning Bracelet

Caliper legs

Can opener

Child support

Cow and calf operation

Damaged krummholz

Dawn came glassy orange

Distant coyote tips

Drown looking up

Dumbass Mules

Ennis Del Mar

Everything I can reach

Eyes screwed shut

Faint electricity

Faint sweetness like grass

Forest Service

For what it's worth

Freeze your ass off

Give it some gas!

Gonna snow tonight

He can't dashboard me

Here I am

High-altitude fucks

High-class entertainment

Horn dipstick

I'd be proud to

I'm Kappa Phi myself

Ignorant Ass

I need crayons

Infrequent couplings

Jack Twist? Jack Nasty!

King of the Road

Little Texas voice

Looking all perky

Low Startle point

Maybe go to Denver

Miss you so much

Money's a good point

My Daddy's the reason

Never enough time

Never returning to Brokeback

Night fire

Nobody's business but ours

No instruction manual needed

No more beans!

Not the marrying kind

Once burned

One's enough

Paw the white out

Quit your hammering

Ranch stiffs

Real estate shark

Saddle bronc career

Say if your there

See you for supper

Shared and sexless hunger

Sheep be damned

Short dirty fight

Slop-bucket mouths

Slugged me silly

Smells like cat piss

Smidgen of rhythm

Smiles a lot

Somber malachite


Stemmed the rose

Sure enough

Sweet salty stink

Tell you what

Tent don't look right

Texans don't drink coffee?

Thanksgiving turkey

Thirty Cents

Time to hit the hay

To Alma and Kurt!

Trained athaletes

Trespassers will be shot

Wanna dance?

Water Walkin Jesus

Welling prairie

We Was Fishing Buddies

Where bluebirds sing

Whiskey Spring

Why, Mama?

Years on years

Yellow silk sashes

You don't say much

You seen that?

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