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[From the Mayor] Thursday, January 3
« on: January 03, 2008, 01:33:59 pm »
Greetings on this very cold winter's day - it's just 12 degrees here right now... brrr....  We've managed to reach temperature parity with Riverton, which is also checking in at 12 degrees.

We've introduced our winter colors and new banner, which is of Moose Mountain in January.  We've also completed reordering the forums, and are unveiling the BetterMost Mall forum which will have shopping links and special discounts.  When you support the stores there, BetterMost earns a small commission from any sales made, which helps pay for the costs of keeping the community online.

Our thoughts go out to the people in the Sierra Mountain range in Nevada and California, which are going to suffer from a massive pounding from three storms in a row, which will bring between 100-120 INCHES of snow in certain high mountain elevations.  That's 10-12 FEET of snow.  And I thought the snowy Great Lakes cities were bad....

You can hear the latest weather reports from the National Weather Service NOAA Weather Radio service for the Grass Valley, California region.
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