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[From the Mayor] Friday January 11th
« on: January 11, 2008, 11:31:46 am »
It's been a harrowing week for John and I as we cope with the aftereffects of hurricane strength winds that blew through here earlier this week, which took out our cable/Internet service for two days due to power failures around the region.  We got service back early yesterday.

There are a number of social activities on tap for this weekend, so be sure to always check out the news banner on the forum home page for late developments.

We will be doing some maintenance work on the forum over this weekend to install some new features and test some others.  This should not affect our uptime - you will still be able to be online while the work is underway.  Once completed, we'll document the new features and adjustments, depending on which ones work properly and which ones may require further work.

Now may be a good time to review the information in your Profile, which can be accessed by clicking the button labeled PROFILE right below the mountain range on the image banner up on the top of your screen.  You will see additional options on the left side of your screen to change things like your avatar (the image next to your name in messages like these), your signature, and important account details such as your e-mail address.  It's very important to have current contact information on file in case we need to reach you through e-mail.  Many accounts have old information and e-mail addresses which no longer function.  We don't e-mail people very often, and we don't disclose information to third parties, so be sure this information is up to date.

Have a good weekend!
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