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The FAQ (Updated as Needed)
« on: February 10, 2006, 03:40:03 am »
This set of "frequently asked questions" will be updated as needed, so feel free to check back from time to time.

Q. Where does the name BetterMost come from and why did you choose it.

A. I struggled mightily with a name for this site.  Better Most actually refers to the brand of beans that Jack and Ennis "enjoy" while on Brokeback Mountain.  Copyrights and trademarks are a serious matter for movie studios, and I had to take care in choosing a name for the site that would not lead to a legal challenge by Universal, which ultimately owns the rights to the film.  Further, the whole point of this site is to take us beyond the movie, so I didn't want people to think this would be a simple fan site that would eventually die out as the movie moved off our radar screens, so to speak.

BetterMost invokes some positive thoughts, but it's not designed to imply ego.  I'm not "better than most" although I think I might be safe to say that we're going to be better than most by taking something from the film and doing something productive and tangible with it.

I'm also trying to convince myself that eBay or Amazon didn't really mean much of anything to anyone when they started either, so I guess it's up to be to make BetterMost mean something!

Q. Are you affiliated in any way with the movie Brokeback Mountain?

A. No, this site is totally independent of the studio and filmmakers.

Q. How is the site funded?

A. I'll put up a Paypal donation link shortly if you want to help out.  There are no fees for users to access the site.  Otherwise, it's basically out of pocket.

Q. How is the site laid out?

A. BetterMost's front page is designed as an entry point for the site, with some articles and news about the site as well as links to resources and tools that I plan to offer to help us set some personal goals, track our progress, and keep us moving.  The heart of the system will be the forums where we can talk to each other, offer support, share stories, etc.

Q. What is the most important rule of the system?

A. The primary and most fundamental rule of the system is to treat each other with dignity and respect and avoid demeaning or attacking other users.  We may disagree on some issues, but personal attacks will not be tolerated here.  If you see a message that violates the rules, please feel free to report it to me.

Q. Do you have a privacy policy?

A. Yes.  Simply put, your real name and e-mail address will never be sold or given away.  Your identity to the rest of us can be your real name or a handle - it's your choice.  My experience in running online forums tells me that the comfort afforded to posting anonymously can often make it easier to speak more personally about yourself, and that's the whole point of this system.

Q. Can I suggest an idea for a new forum or help you in other ways?

A. Absolutely.  In fact, suggestions are gratefully accepted and your help to keep the forums moving is critical.  We'll be working on developing some online tools which will be created based on your input as well.
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