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Enough Time by soulan
« on: June 05, 2008, 03:04:29 pm »
I recommend this story very highly.  For those who try to avoid WIPs, the author has already confirmed that there will be total of eight chapters,  six of which have already been posted.  The seventh chapter will be posted tomorrow and the final chapter on June 13.  (You might notice that the update schedule lists June 20 as the final update day, but she actually got ahead of herself and posted an extra chapter on Sunday).

Author's Summary: Based on the premise of the film Groundhog Day. Ennis relives one day over and over until he gets it right.

Chapter 1 starts here, along with the links to the next chapters:

This is very intelligently written, lots of nuances along with beautiful prose.  And there's more than a few mysteries, too. 

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