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Re: A New York Christmas
« Reply #20 on: November 30, 2008, 05:03:54 pm »
Hey Monika, I'm really glad you stopped by to read the story so far. Actually, a writer is what I had always wanted and meant to be, but it just didn't ever work out. I started writing back when I was only around 11 or 12 years old. When I went to college that was the direction I planned on going in and I had quite a bit of encouragement from teachers. However, the strangest thing happened and that is college seemed to make me loose the creativity I had. It seemed that there were all these rules I was supposed to follow and by trying to do that I lost the creativity. However, I have never lost my interest in writing so maybe I can forget the rules and bring back the creativity. I truly don't believe in rules when it comes to any creative process.
Good to hear that you´re back to writing, Jack. The only good thing about knowing about the rules is that you later can break them :)

This is exactly what happened with my writing, Jack. I tried to take lessons since I was told I wasnt' writing 'correctly' gave me the worst writers block. I lost my natural 'voice'...which was what some people said they liked so well.

funny thing is I was warned by a dear friend that I trust very much that is exactly what would happen, he told me that I would lose that which made me unique and special.. :-\

I still get the urge now and again but I dont' write anymore.
Yeah, I can relate. I took a class in script writing at university and it wasn´t a good experience at all.
Someone told me once that "there is only one rule when it comes to writing and that is that there are no rules" and I think that´s true

I write a little nowadays but I too find it hard to find that unique voice.

Update soon, Jack!