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Revised System Rules of Conduct
« on: July 16, 2006, 12:38:02 pm »
All users are expected to keep these simple rules in mind while using BetterMost:

1. No personal attacks.  Not here, not now, not later, not ever.  If a user personally attacks another on the forums here, their message and all replies to that message will be locked, edited, and/or deleted along with any replies.  Repeated infractions of this rule will result in suspension of your account.

2. What goes in a Private Message (PM) or e-mail stays in private.  Do not cross-post or reveal the contents of a private message in a public forum without the prior authorization of the author of the message.  Any message that does will be deleted without warning.

3. Users who have personal disagreements with other users can deal with this in one of several ways:

a) Skip past their messages.  Nobody is obligated to read every message here.
b) Use the Ignore button found on the left hand side of each person's message (excepting moderators and administrators).  If you click it, all messages from that person will no longer be visible to you.
c) Take it to a private message.  It is not appropriate to argue personal differences in the public forums.

4. Users should expect to encounter messages they disagree with.  Do not take things written on any website personally, and do not allow yourself to be dragged into excessive drama in other folks' lives.  We all have enough drama in our own lives to worry about.  Do not expect moderators to moderate personal disagreements or to regulate the contents of private messages.  If a user has ignored your request to stop sending you messages, then contact a moderator.
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