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An Important Message About Links!
« on: August 25, 2006, 04:28:30 pm »
From time to time, a user may post a link to something online.  While the vast majority of times, this does not present a problem, there are occasions when a link might be to a piece of software they suggest you install and run.  Unfortunately, another site like ours had a user post a link to a file that turned out to be spyware.

While there is no risk when visiting a linked website, a picture, a sound or video file, I urge users to be extremely wary of links to software programs, or anything else not on this site that asks you to install something, especially if the link was posted by a new user or someone who isn't a moderator.  When in doubt, do not install any software based on a link unless you trust the person who is making the recommendation.

If you see a thread posted here from a user suggesting you install something, please drop a note to any online moderator (listed in blue on the Who's Online section at the bottom of the forum main page) who can check it out for you.

As always, you should be running anti-spyware and anti-virus software on your machine.  I run Microsoft's Anti Spyware (which is currently free of charge) and for virus protection, I am running Bit Defender these days (having left Norton Antivirus behind because it slowed down my machine).  I can recommend both.
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