Author Topic: Giving Back to the Community  (Read 1312 times)

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Giving Back to the Community
« on: September 11, 2006, 05:47:11 pm »
I want to take a moment and give my thanks to all of our users who have helped make this place a success.  We are about to enter a new "season" here at BetterMost and the moderators and I are working behind the scenes on some projects for the fall.  The intent of this site is to stay relevant to all of you, as the seasons pass, year after year.

First, this fall you'll find the start of our transformation from a site into a broader based user community.  We will always keep the spirit of Brokeback Mountain in everything we do here, but the truth is that people can only discuss a movie for so long before they feel the urge to 'move on.'  It's better for the site to evolve with the community, to take on some new challenges, explore new ideas, and be a living, breathing place.  And that is what we will be doing.  The feel of this site will always be of the rural west.  I want people to feel as if BetterMost is a refuge... a cabin on a mountain where people can find a vacation from the trials and tribulations of their daily life.

Second, as we enter the fall in the northern hemisphere, I am aware that as the days shorten, a lot of users here will begin to have issues with the gradual decline of sunlight and the colder days ahead.  So we'll be looking for uplifting, supportive themes for the fall and winter months to help brighten moods and keep people on a positive path.

Third, BetterMost has become relevant to some of the organizations that have elected to place ads on our site (or have accepted us into an affiliate program).  I have begun negotiating with some of them to see what they can do for our members.  While no advertiser here is writing me a check to place ads on the site (ad revenue is earned only when a user purchases something from a sponsor, etc.) they do want to have goodwill with our users, and that means gifts and coupons for you.  Coming soon, we'll be giving away things to our loyal users who want to receive them, no strings attached.  They will include things like free long distance phone cards in hopes some of you can reach out and talk to one another, coupons for discounts at online merchants, and other money saving consumer tips, such as the Free 411 information I posted in Anything Goes.  Your private information remains entirely private.  You will be able to receive these things only if you specifically request them, and I'll be your conduit to ensure your information remains secure.

I hope users who may have been toying with the idea of reducing their time here will stick around to see what is in store this fall here on BetterMost!
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Re: Giving Back to the Community
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2006, 06:22:18 pm »
Gee, Phillip, sounds certainly have got the right idea, and the time and effort you put in here, well, its amazing, and you must be very proud of what you have accomplished......

Thank you so much for letting us use this "mountain cabin"...where the door is always open to all meet up, to talk so freely and honestly, and to share so many things with others......

Looking forward to the "building extensions"....this family is getting bigger, theres no doubt about that, and you are right, we probably need a bit more room to move around.......thank you.
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