Author Topic: Ryan Phillippe on TV's First Gay Teen, Gay Friends, Homophobia  (Read 2920 times)

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I am only posting the first part of the article. To read the interview click on the link down at the bottom. I'd post the interview in its entirety but it is pretty lengthy. :)

Cool Intentions

Ryan Phillippe opens up about his sexually objectified physique, the impact of playing TV's first gay teen, Jay Leno's “gayest look” gaffe, and the homophobic humor in his new movie, MacGruber.

Since portraying television’s first gay teen on the daytime soap One Life to Live in 1992, Ryan Phillippe has displayed as much talent as toned torso in movies including I Know What You Did Last Summer, Cruel Intentions, and Stop-Loss. The single father of two now flexes his comedy muscles as Lt. Dixon Piper in MacGruber, an ’80s action flick spoof based on the popular Saturday Night Live sketch, which explodes into theaters May 21. Phillippe, who played bisexual in Gosford Park and the director’s cut of 54, gives us his gayest look—Leno be damned—at his own life and livelihood.

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