Author Topic: Welcome to CHEZ TREMBLAY - Learn More About Chez Tremblay Right Here!  (Read 43333 times)

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Re: Welcome to CHEZ TREMBLAY - Learn More About Chez Tremblay Right Here!
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Hey Chez Tremblayans

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Re: Welcome to CHEZ TREMBLAY
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The story of the Great Tremblayan Exodus, four years ago...

How Chez Tremblay began -

By Ellemeno

When the trolls got too disruptive on the Brokeback Mountain message board at IMDb (Internet Movie Database), a clever Brokie by the name of Brandon had the idea for us to move over to another BBM-related message board on IMDb, the board for BBM first assistant director Pierre Tremblay.  Our goal was to keep this board secret from trolls, but to have it wide-open welcoming to all BBM-lovers.  Every time we found a BBM-lover who stuck around a while and was friendly, they were invited over to the Pierre Tremblay board. 

After a few weeks, the trolls did find us, posting very negative messages, and deleting our precious threads.  It became very clear that we needed a new home.

Celeste (YaadPyar) was very resourceful and contacted Phillip here at BetterMost.  Phillip knew all about what was going on over at IMDb and welcomed us as a group.  Understanding what we had been through, he started a little forum for us here at BetterMost, where we could find some peace, and become part of the warm, welcoming BetterMost community.  Beginning on March 30th, 2006, the membership of BetterMost doubled, as fifty or so Tremblayans joined.  And that's how the Chez Tremblay forum was born here.

What united the original Tremblayans was a deep love for BBM, and a desire to discuss it and its effect on our lives to our hearts' content, in an atmosphere of safety and respect.  Does this describe you?  Then welcome to being a Tremblayan.

Note from Meryl:  For a more detailed account, go here to read the thread that gave rise to Ellemeno's fine summing up.
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