Author Topic: Do You Find The New "You Don't Need God" Billboards Offensive?  (Read 25249 times)

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Re: Do You Find The New "You Don't Need God" Billboards Offensive?
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I know it doesn't say it specifically - but the implication is there.   "to love, to care, to hope, to live" all those things I equate with happiness in life.   It's subliminal, and billboard advertising has done that for years.   I also said I need spirituality in my life to be happy, not referring to how the billboard itself literally reads.    I don't know what other people think, that's why I wouldn't presume to speak for them with  a global "You don't need ....", but I would guess that some others might need spirituality and/or the good aspects of religion in order to be happy in life.

Not all people need these things, but some do - is all I'm saying.  So, that billboard message is every bit as preachy as some religious messages.   I don't need to be subjected to that kind of propaganda, from any side of the argument.
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