Author Topic: Models Studio: Andrej Pejic on Transgender Models, Winning Prom King (and Queen)  (Read 732 times)

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‘Inside the Models Studio’:
Andrej Pejic on Transgender Models,
Working at McDonald’s,
and Winning Prom King (and Queen)

By James Lim, Sarah Frank and Jake Moore
Today at 11:55 AM

For the inaugural edition of The Cut 's first-ever web series, "Inside the Models Studio" — surprise, inspired by James Lipton's Inside the Actors Studio  — we sit down with Andrej Pejic to get to know the man behind the unforgettable face. The charming 20-year-old opens up about working at McDonald's and his high school years ("I was prom queen, and the year before, I was prom king. It was kind of the same, you just got a differently shaped crown."), discusses sometimes feeling marginalized in the industry, drops details about his upcoming threesome for Jean Paul Gaultier, and identifies the most overused phrase in fashion. See it all for yourself in our video:

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