Author Topic: Anatomy of a renovation  (Read 9889 times)

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Re: Anatomy of a renovation
« Reply #10 on: December 01, 2012, 10:09:47 am »
This picture gives an idea of how much little room there was between the toilet and the tub - little more than knee room. (That disc on the floor is covering the flush hole of the toilet.)


To be fair, the downstairs bathroom is even smaller ... the knees actually touch the wall when sitting on the toilet and there's only a shower - no tub. That, for the two weeks during which the bathroom was getting renovated (a priority), is where I showered & relieved myself. I still had access to the kitchen and the bedroom on the main floor but the air was dusty thoughout the house and I suffered through a 'cold' - well at least, a runny nose and itchy eyes - for months.
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