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Sex & The City doesnít suck!
« on: April 30, 2014, 04:32:13 pm »
Iím always late to stuff.  

Saw Brokeback in 2006 and it made an impact, but it didnít knock me senseless until I saw it again in 2008.  

Totally missed The West Wing (too busy watching the new channel, HGTV), now I own 6 seasons in my Amazon library, and have some episodes memorized (Night Five, Dead Irish Writers, Posse Comitatus).

Never saw Law & Order until it started rerunning on USA & WGN.

I donít get HBO, never subscribed.  So naturally I missed S&TC, actively made fun of it as idiotic fluff, and boycotted the movies (which I would still do, and never spend $$ to see it).

Now Iím on a sort of work hiatus and, though I SWORE I would be productive and wouldnít sit around and watch daytime TV, who knew E! runs 6 episodes every afternoon.  

And itís funny.  

I can only imagine how much is cut out, so I might actually have to rent some of the better episodes.  

Itís not perfect, and I do a fair amount of eye-rolling at some of the stupid things these women come up with to worry about, but itís definitely entertaining and downright clever.

I wonder what else I have missed?

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