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Hi you all!!

As I am exhausted and mother is calling me to eat a piece of her cake she baked and pudding with it she created,  may I rush this:

I do not know if I mentioned this before, but it was on TV lately that near half, half or over half of the persons living in the USA streets were American soldiers back from war!

So, I think that the question is important and needs to be placed often, so we can somehow help them!!  How??

Hugs!! To them former soldiers and the present ones, Merry Merry Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays[/b]!! How may we help you past and current soldiers??

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     Are you speaking of the homeless Artiste? 

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Thanks ifyoucantfixit!

May I quote you:
Are you speaking of the homeless Artiste? 


Ifyoucantfixit, may I reply: Yes! Persons living on the sidewalks... sad. In too many countries; but that report was about the USA!!
There are more and more. I was living too that way... as had to do so to save my life.
That is an extemely hard life... I slept in my truck at least, but others have to do so on sidewalks.
I have seen this in New York City where I had to walk over bodies, one after another.
WE living to-day in our houses must be concerned may I say for many reasons, plus for humanity!
How can one help? I will mention what I did and other ideas if you like.

I must come back to it later to talk about that if you like as it makes me nervous to remember that/those times.
Be assured that I, you and others feel for them and us all too!! How can we help? May I ask?


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Thanks ifyoucan'tfixit!

May I second you!

And if anyone reading, member or not, you may also reach me privately on here at Bettermost or on a thread where you can post me any subject... ANY QUESTION, ANY COMMENT!!

If you feel, as some non-member as well as members did in the past, prefer to email me directly to my Bettermost email, for any reason (that's up to you), please do not be afraid either in English, French (francais) and/or any other languages: Please mention firstly the language you wrote.  Tu peux me rejoindre en parland Moliere aussi??

You may also send me pics directly as you like, ones of you or other subjects. Hugs! I will do my best to help; and, maybe we can help each other mutually?? To laugh, to be sad, to ponder about life, to try to solve problems and enjoy every day: joie de vivre!! I am a gay man, and open to that issue and to all other issues. Hugs again! I feel and know that every humain and other beings... the Earth and Heaven are so special  FOREVER!! Any issues: hetero, lesbian, bi-, gay, others ones, plus any subjects!! 

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I just re-seen your marvelous thread.

And re-reading it make me sad, as well as happy,
because I remember helping two gay soldiers in the USA
who had no place to stay, who ere living on the streets!

I had one stay at my residence for 6 months!
The other too but at a diffeent time.
The USA was refusing to give him, one,  a war/soldier pension.
I still do not know why!
Yoiu want to know about that?

Au revoir,
hugs!  I wonder now too about those military tactics in Iraq to-day ! Do you?

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Where the heck have you been Janice Dodd?  Kemberly and I have been wondering what happened to you. Don't make me come there and give you a spankin... you know how I love to give spankins.... ;D

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Where the heck have you been Janice Dodd? 

She's been around Ross.  You just have to look around for her

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