Author Topic: Is this good as to be in next Brokeback Mountain movie or a movie in itself?  (Read 8806 times)

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As just mentioned to a friend here, may I repeat it now to get your advice?

Hope, I interest you with this real story:

Maybe you had seen on TV News your way as it was all over the world, a white  small house, not that many years ago, which had running water around it trying to push it down into the flood? Many persons died as snow melted quickly and ran not the habitual places, killing many persons even on roads or in their houses! That was north of Quebec City, in Canada! Recall?

The year after that, I had an exhibtion of my paintings I create in that area where I saw the devastation. And the lady who created that exhibition... was with her husband with a bussiness... like a scrap yard. She told me she was there when someone brought an old car to them... like yours or nearly. Her husband was going to squash it like make a cube out of it! But since it was like new with only 5,ooo or so miles on it and original parts all... she kept it. While I was there, one of her workers chaufered us all over with it... as her and I dressed in those times! So much fun!

She wanted to sell that car to me! But I could not get it! I think she sold it!

The year after that exhibition, a tornado picked her up form her porch 60 feet high and dumped her breaking her hips. Two years after, I saw her in the hospital as she got an operation. Year after that, she came to my exhibition in Montreal, Canada.

She is now 85 years old or older I think, and having hard times getter her health better!
Sweet sould she is. Awaiting to see if she still has her car or who does.

Would this be a movie, part of one, or even for the next Brokeback Mountain fiom??

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not a new brokeback, but a new film, all by itself. Sounds as if this would make a charming story on film!/

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This sounds to me a little like a female The World According to Garp or Donnie Darko. It would make a great movie but you've got to start with a book, story, or screenplay first. Why don't you write this up as a "treatment"--a one-page or two-page synopsis to be used to get the go-ahead to prepare an outline or draft a screenplay? I would love to see it developed!!
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Come to see my Montreal show and maybe you and I can talk about this subject in order to plan a such movie??

L'AngdonArt, L'AngdonArt!!

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I agree. I think this could be quite an interesting story. It would be great if you began developing it more.


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We must have more Brokeback Mountain movies!!

I sent a movie maker an email so he could think of doing my life as a gay man!

Pray he will come see me and my paintings in Quebec City where I show now my 2007 works of art on canvas till October 14ht!!

You are coming too!! You all...


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Next one will be soon...