Author Topic: US BBM Radio Fans - Get Involved And Save Our Station (and 10,000+ More Too!)  (Read 18302 times)

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I just got doing my calling.  I spent most of my time waiting for the Capitol Switchboard to answer (that's the toll free number).  All I had to say was that I was calling to leave a message for Congressperson/Senator X - that I wanted them to co-sponsor and support the bills (noted above) - the Internet Radio Equality Act, which would protect Internet radio stations from being forced off the air July 15th.  That was all I needed to say.  Three offices asked for my name and address, and Senator Schumer's office only needed by last name and zip code.

Technically we have two Congresspeople here because the district border was mistakenly drawn right through our property after the last redistricting.  If I go into the sunroom, I am in Rep. Randy Kuhl (Republican)'s district.  If I go into the kitchen, I am in Rep. Louise Slaughter (Democrat)'s district!  The property line issue caused us a problem when we bought the house in 2004 because of a line drawing error that was not corrected in the county database.  We had to basically align ourselves with one district when we registered to vote.  I stayed in Louise Slaughter's district for voting, thank you very much.  Her district used to encompass all of Monroe County and greater Rochester, but was bizarrely redrawn to now include the city of Rochester, a handful of eastern suburbs (including mine - Brighton) and Buffalo a city more than an hour away!  And you can see the fault line of Randy Kuhl's district in my neighborhood on his district map.  His district extends all the way to the Pennsylvania state line!:

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