Author Topic: World's largest gay rodeo is taking place in Calgary right now.  (Read 822 times)

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The correspondent for is taking a tour of filming locations for Brokeback Mountain. I know you guys who are going out to Alberta may be seeing the same places and having the same reactions, feelings when you are there.  I cut and pasted part of the article.  The link for the full article is at the bottom.  Sounds real nice...  ;)

Today, our group is off to Kananaskis Country to visit locations from Brokeback Mountain. Like many of you, Brokeback Mountain moved me in a deep and powerful way so it's thrilling to be here where it all went down.

Our first stop is the footbridge where Ennis (Heath Ledger) picks up supplies from the supply guy. Our super on-the ball guide, Bart, whips open his laptop and we're able to watch the scene in the exact spot where it was filmed. This is really cool.

When I try to snap a few pics, I understand better why Jaime had to tilt his hat up on Deal or No Deal. You can't see people's faces when they have cowboy hats on. So how do they deal with this when they shoot westerns? Do they have bounce boards underneath the actors the whole time?

Next up is the creek where Ennis comes upon the bear, freaks out and loses his groceries. I'm going to resist making a gay bear sex joke here just as I resisted making a joke yesterday about the fact that someone's job at the Gay Rodeo is 'Chute Coordinator.'

I'm also not going to crack wise about the fact that one of the most prominent peaks featured in Brokeback Mountain is actually called "The Fist" because it looks just like one. This place is too beautiful for cheap shots.

Every place we visit is jigsaw puzzle pretty, but the highlight is definitely our lunchtime stop at the Kananaskis Upper Lake. This parking lot near the lake is where they shot the scene where Jack (jake Gyllenhaal) tells Ennis, "I wish I knew how to quit you," and Ennis crumbles to the ground in Jack's arms. The natural beauty of the site takes my breath away. Add in the emotional potency of that scene, well, needless to say, it's a picnic I won't soon forget.

To insure that, I take a lot of pictures; some with hat, some sans hat, some with hat tilted like in the Brokeback poster. I'm pleased to say that my special 2-disc DVD came with 8 collectible postcards, one of which looks like it was taken right here at this lake. On the back is a note from Jack to Ennis saying that he'll be "coming through on the 24th." I like to imagine that the execs at Focus Features got some unpaid intern to write the postcard as Jack after asking themselves, 'Who in our office has the gayest handwriting?'
The full articles (it's quite long).;jsessionid=a159cb413af42dfffffffffec9b832e0112bb?sernum=12000&navpath=/channels/travel/

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Re: World's largest gay rodeo is taking place in Calgary right now.
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Thanks for posting this.  :)