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Re: Should a member be allowed to delete her/his own account?
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The only thing I feel I have not done as well with is pushing our forming agenda here - to help people move within and out of AND BEYOND the story.  There are still a lot of people here who I believe could do well with a more formal and structured approach at self-improvement, fighting depression, and achieving more happiness.  These are goals that need not only community support, but some steps and advice people can follow.  There are folks out there who need more than nice thoughts to get moving forward (I was one myself).  In the early days of the site, I tried a more formal approach with some motivational exercises and advice to help people make some changes, but it didn't garner much response.  Now I'm never sure if that was because my writing style often doesn't suggest people need to reply or if such a structured approach just wasn't going to work here.  But it may be time to revisit that, because we certainly have built a much bigger community than we were back in February of 2006.

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Who you talking about?

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