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Movie Review: Brokeback Mountain!
« on: May 20, 2006, 03:58:40 pm »
To see two mainstream actors performing intimate sexual scenes was shocking at first. But both actors are indeed great masters of the art of drama. They perform with full aplomb, their explosive rendition of raw emotions do not seem contrived or artificial. Amply supported by the female characters who are just -oh- so natural. The director has done a superb job; to have extracted such gamut of emotions from all the actors' is a feat by itself. Of course the most impressive of all actors is Heath Ledger. He is in one word just Superb, one was so tired of the Aussie brigade with their emphasized accents (Russel Crowe), limited acting caliber ( Nicole Kidman - with forehead perpetually frozen by Botox), sheer ugliness ( Cate Blanchet) and pretension to intellectuality (Mel Gibson ) - that Ledger seems to be a revelation of sorts. Enhanced by a superb screenplay, mind-blowing locales and explosive content it is but a MASTERPIECE. A CLASSIC OF OUR TIMES! One is indeed so lucky to have been able to see this movie!