Author Topic: Five Leaves: A Brooklyn Restaurant, in Heath Ledger’s Memory  (Read 59364 times)

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Re: Five Leaves: A Brooklyn Restaurant, in Heath Ledger’s Memory
« Reply #40 on: January 21, 2009, 02:20:22 pm »
John and Meryl, thanks for the report and the great pics.  Up until today when I found this blog, I did not know you guys were up East freezing to pieces in Heath's restaurant, while another 6 Brokies were down East in sunny Florida, enjoying our little reunion and eating my mom's chili.

Would it be possible for the Brokies attending the NYC gathering on 2/13+ to enjoy a lunch on 2/14 at Five Leaves?  I definitely will see it while I'm there from the 12th thru the 16th, but it would be much better to share it with other Brokies.  Is that do-able?  Maybe we could make tentative reservations for a big ole table?

P.S.  John, you are quite the handsome fella, I must say.  I'm guessing you have to beat them off with a stick:)

John does indeed keep a stick with him at all times, except when we go out, since folks know better than to mess with me!  ;D  ;)

I just called Five Leaves and asked about reservations, and they told me they don't take them.  They do have a table that can accommodate 6 or so people, but we'd have to show up and wait for it.  I'm sure if we go on a Saturday, say Feb. 14, it will be a hive of activity.  So I'll leave it up to individuals to say if they want to make the safari out to Brooklyn for lunch/brunch.  It could take up most of the afternoon (it takes almost an hour, via three subways, to get there, and on weekends the trains run further apart).

I'm glad you've decided to brave the City, Mandy.  I'm sure you'll be an old hand at getting around after 5 days!  8)
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