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Re: In the New Yorker...
« Reply #3080 on: November 24, 2022, 12:47:35 pm »
I'd have to plead guilty to a few of those!  :laugh:

As for the midterms, they went amazingly well. The most despicable candidates lost, with the possible exception of Herschel Walker, but my guess (and it's only a guess) is that voters in GA, not wanting to appear the stupidest voters in the country, will reject him.

On the other hand, maybe they'll feel that at least one Trump-backed candidate has to have a big victory! That's not entirely bad either if, as seems possible, the Republican party gets hopelessly divided between the pro- and anti-Trumps. I think a lot of intelligent politicians are backing away from Trump, but there'll still be a "base" full of people who won't want to admit they've been wrong for the past six years.

Not really from the magazine, but I read yesterday online that so are some of his former conservative Christian backers. Others are reserving judgment. They say they will support him if he's the candidate, but for now they're more or less staying on the sidelines and not backing him to become the candidate. This despite the fact that he did, indeed, give them what they wanted (appointed a huge number of conservative judges--not just to SCOTUS--got Roe overturned, and so forth).

One conservative actually called him an awful person.

Ron DeSantis is an awful person, too, but I'd still love to see him beat Trump for the Republican nomination, just for the satisfaction of the seeing the repudiation of Trump personally.
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