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The Many Waves of Brokeback Mountain
« on: May 06, 2006, 08:57:44 am »
Its been around five months since the initial release of Brokeback Mountain in more than just a handful of theaters.  For many of us who have seen the film back in December or January, we've moved through most of the Brokeback Mountain Stages of Grief & Acceptance and are well ahead on working on completing the story in our own lives.

But there are many waves of new folks joining us who are experiencing the film for the very first time, and I hope our regulars and old-timers will be good-will ambassadors and guides for those who are now going through what we've been through.  Here are the waves of Brokies:

The Early Wave: Brokeback Mountain was released in select theatres in major cities back in December.  For many of our urban big city members, this was their first opportunity to see the film.  They are the wise elders having been on the journey since just before Christmas in many cases.  Some were lucky enough to catch preview screenings even before the film made it into public theatres.

The White Caps: By January, the movie was on the move into medium sized cities just like Rochester, NY where I live.  It also saw a wider release in big cities, leading to the first reports of crazed and obsessed Brokies overrunning message forums with shock and awe at the masterpiece that is Annie Proulx's short story turned Ang Lee movie.  For dedicated fans, their first viewing of the film this month would not be their last.  In many cases, dozens of viewings, bringing along new friends along the way, would not be uncommon!  The film was also making an impact in countries overseas just as dramatic.

The Waves Hit the Beaches: In February and March, the movie had reached small-town America, even wider distribution in cities across the country, and an unbelievable buzz in pop culture.  Be it repeat viewings by committed Brokies or people seeing the film to see what all the fuss was about, the movie became firmly rooted in the conscience of countries in North America and beyond.  Award time!  We was robbed.

The Waves of Shiny Discs: By May, DVD release!  A whole new crowd of people renting or buying the film take them on a journey to the mountain for the very first time.  The journey begins anew for many, and it's back to Brokeback Mountain for a lot of us seeing the film for the first time on the small screen.

Now here's what to expect in the months ahead:

Pay-Per-Wave: Brokeback Mountain goes "on demand" on a pay per view basis on many cable and satellite systems, with lots of new promotions and easy ordering from the privacy of your own home.  If you were afraid to buy or rent the DVD, you will now be able to order the movie from home.  A whole new group of people will quietly begin venturing out to forums just like this to figure out why they are unable to function after seeing the film.

The Tsunami Strikes: Just wait until this movie hits pay cable.  Millions of new viewers will be on the mountain as the movie plays over a hundred times on the pay cable network that secures the rights to show it.  For those outside of the United States, when the movie finally makes it to broadcast television, another giant wave.  Unfortunately, whether this movie makes it to broadcast television here in the USA is an open question considering the hysteria the conservative crowd has imposed on anything they consider "indecent."  Despite the very little explicit sexual content, I wouldn't be surprised if entire scenes aren't cut or censored.

As you can see, the biggest wave is still yet to come - the unmotivated masses who never bothered to pay for movie tickets or rent it will have the movie in their homes probably by late summer.

For every new person just seeing the film for the first time, welcome.  Hopefully we will be able to guide you through the journey that many of us have been taking for a few months now. 
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Re: The Many Waves of Brokeback Mountain
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2006, 02:02:37 pm »
Today is the 6th of May. I saw the movie in the theater on the 6th of January. As I write this at the current time, just before 1:00 pm, I was waiting to get into the lobby to prove that I had pre-purchased the ticket for Brokeback Mountain. I would have saved a dollar on my credit card if I had waited. While the 1st screening which I attended was not a full crowd, from what I read, the multiplex had to open a second theater to accommodate the waiting in line crowd for the 2nd showing. I think they used a theater which would have been showing another movie on more than one screen.

In regard to the The Waves Hit the Beaches: That happened here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. One other Tulsa theater showed the movie and at least 3 sorta suburban area theaters showed the movie in February, too.

Some people consider Claremore a "suburb of Tulsa." But, it is over 30 miles from downtown Tulsa to downtown Claremore and you have to drive through open country between the places.

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Re: The Many Waves of Brokeback Mountain
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2023, 08:53:09 pm »

Waves are still coming.

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