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Re: Lies and deception
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Yes, Lee. Great example. Jack lies and then undoes the lie.
In fact, Jack then says "what about you" and Ennis simply mumbles "me, I dunno".

I also noticed in the post-divorce surprise meeting, when they man-hug, Jack's hand lingers tenderly at the back of Ennis's head, Ennis quickly pulls his hands away before introducing him to his girls.

The closest Ennis ever gets to tender is the "sending up a prayer of thanks", but he has to make a joke out of it.  And when Jack goes further with his cow-and-calf operation, Ennis puts on his hat on defensively and closes up more.

And Barb, be careful with wringing it out and all...

Just re-watched the film a couple of times recently and wanted to comment on this lack of tenderness by Ennis, particularly in the motel scene.  The posture and location tell you almost everything you need to know - he's laying back on Jack, presumably wearing nothing - pretty damn intimate (and of course, the inverse of the moment of "artless, charmed happiness" on BBM [the dozy embrace]).  Furthermore, Ennis responds to Jack's words by moving his left hand on Jack's right arm, which is encircling Ennis.  I watched the moves very carefully this last time, and it seems to me that he's rendering affectionate responses to Jack's affectionate statements but non-verbally, e.g., by rubbing Jack's arm with his hand.
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