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Luke Ledger - Heath's Cousin
« on: July 05, 2009, 02:54:46 am »
Luke Ledger Treads in Heath Ledger's Footsteps

Article from: The Sunday Telegraph

By Luke Dennehy

July 05, 2009,22049,25734087-5001021,00.html

WHAT'S in a name? Nothing, says aspiring actor Luke Ledger - and he doesn't want to talk about his famous cousin, Heath.

Perth-born Luke, 16, last week arrived on the set of Neighbours as the winner of a Dolly magazine competition to be an extra.

His cousin Heath Ledger, the Oscar-winning actor who died 18 months ago, also began his career as a soap actor, on Home And Away - but Luke said he took inspiration from many actors, not just Heath.

"It's just a name," he said. "Yeah, he was a great role model, but no more so than many other actors.

"I was watching Black Hawk Down the other week and I was really inspired by Eric Bana.

"I'm inspired by a lot of other Australian actors, I think this country has unique talent."

Ledger is finishing his final year of school in Perth and hopes to move into acting, directing or production work after graduation.

"If something pops up I would take it and run with it," he said.

"I would be absolutely stoked if I was to get a role.

"I love performing in front of a live audience, as well. It's a great rush and a great feeling.

"I think the best thing about acting is that you're learning more about other people; you have to dig deep and discover who they are."
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