Author Topic: Tache (and Poof) tales  (Read 74308 times)

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Re: Tache (and Poof) tales
« Reply #130 on: January 07, 2012, 12:02:48 pm »
In older news ...

Poof now can spend the night indoors. One of the first time he did this (and it feels like I already related this story, but I can't find it posted), I didn't respond to his incessant meows and they stopped eventually. In the morning, after letting the cats out, I discovered a rather nasty diaretic poo on a reorganized white rug in the washroom. Tache had previously often used the sandbox so naturally I suspected Poof of the dirty deed. It (the sandbox, had been relegated to the basement for the summer) was immediately brought back upstairs and, when Poof made a new appearance indoors, I introduced him again to the sandbox. He just lay down in it, like he always laid down on dirt, preferably loose dirt in the flowerbeds outside. You can be sure I don't let him meow till he poos anymore.

Poof has even recently been left alone inside for as long as an hour. I might even have left him indoors alone with Tache when I've gone for pool night (about 5 hours) - maybe not.

Another story that I feel probably finds me repeating myself is how Poof is taking over as alpha cat in the house. If Tache is on the thrown (the corner chair), Poof will come and bully Tache off of it by laying in nearly the same space. Of course, a lot of it has to do with, I now believe through repeated observations of interactions, Poof wanting to cuddle up beside Tache (he is after all a tactile baby), and Tache being an older (I want my own space) gentle bigger brother. Tache won't fight for the space, he'll just go and lay down somewhere else. They still lick each other, and playfight. nd I have seen them both stretched out on that chair, but more often than not, one is on the thrown (not always Poof), and the other on the floor. I recently saw them facing each other in their comfy lay day position, gradually falling asleep. Another kodac moment lost in time.

Tache prefers the salty liquids of the tuna can, Poof the meaty parts, so they each get (in seperate bowls) this special treat three of every four days. (that's how long I make one can of tuna stretch - after all, it ain't a treat if you get it everyday, is it?) And they each get their regular dry food bown in seperate parts of the kitchen - all they can eat.
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Re: Tache (and Poof) tales
« Reply #131 on: June 30, 2013, 11:52:33 pm »
Any updates on the kitties??!!
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