Author Topic: Were You Bullied In School?  (Read 8724 times)

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Re: Were You Bullied In School?
« Reply #20 on: April 09, 2010, 04:53:47 pm »
Bullied - yes.

I played around with the idea of suicide, but I always knew deep down I wouldn´t really do it.

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Re: Were You Bullied In School?
« Reply #21 on: April 09, 2010, 05:10:26 pm »
Oh yes, I was fat and I was bullied......for 9 years I was bullied.....but I never contemplated suicide - or, I sometimes thougth that "I'll kill myself and then thy will be sorry" but never seriously contemplated suicide. But there is still people I don't want to talk to, 40 years later......they took away my pride for myself, my self esteem (SP?) lots and lots of trust.....they hurt me deep down in my soul just because I was fat......

I'm still fat. I now know that this only mean that there is more of me you all can like  O0 :laugh: :laugh:

Berit, my friend, your situation mirrors mine almost exactly.  I was (still am) fat and the bullying could have been worse if not for those poor boys and girls in school who were fatter.  My mom says the bullying was not as bad because I was also quite pretty.  She says I looked like a big doll.  Anyway, I was also teased because I was often the teachers pet and was a good student. I was always at the top of my class.  I felt alone and put upon, but somewhere inside me I found a strength.  I knew my life would change for the better, that I would graduate and the teasing would cease.  I never, ever considered suicide.  

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Re: Were You Bullied In School?
« Reply #22 on: April 09, 2010, 05:25:49 pm »
This breaks my heart to read all of your accounts of unhappy times in school, when children spend so much time in school it should be a rewarding time.

No, I wasn't bullied - I do recall small things with other kids, there's always that, but nothing major.   I remember once in grade school an older boy was behaving in a threatening way, but it turned out he wanted to kiss me!  lol  No way he did.   I was always at the top of my class too (except in Math! lol), and nobody ever bothered me about it, some kids liked that.    Maybe I was in my own little world, I don't know; ah, just as well.

While not the most popular kid or in "the" clique, I had friends across the boards - if I liked them, I was friendly and hung out with them, regardless of their "social status".   I wasn't raised to pick on people, and I'm a very empathic person anyway, and I wouldn't stand for it if I saw someone picking on anyone or anything, still won't.   I didn't feel the need to follow anyone or fit in, I kinda did and do my own thing.   :)  

Schools need to be more active in stopping bullying - it's very serious.  I feel very badly about this young woman who felt she had no other alternative than to end her life because these people are not worth it.  I hope they and their families are held accountable.  :(
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Re: Were You Bullied In School?
« Reply #23 on: April 10, 2010, 03:29:23 pm »
I had a terrible time in Catholic school and also in Junior High. I was bullied literally every single day, non stop. If I tried to tell my parents about it they would get upset and tell me to "man up" and to quit being a baby about it. They told me I should stand up for myself and put a stop to it. In other words, if I am being bullied at school it is because I want it. Otherwise I would put a STOP to it. Most of my teachers had the same attitude.

It never was quite that simple though. And besides, I was afraid to report the bullying in fear of being labeled a tattletale.

Things got better for me in high school. I played violin and cello in the school orchestra, and one of the bass players was a star athlete of the school - football, basketball and wrestling. He was very cute and very popular. He and I became good friends and because we were friends, his other friends also accepted me. So I was under their protection and the bullies started to leave me alone. I still got bullied but not nearly as much as before. Thank God for orchestra! lol

It was a completely different story in college. I was totally accepted by nearly everyone and I didn't have any problems at all.

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Re: Were You Bullied In School?
« Reply #24 on: April 10, 2010, 03:45:10 pm »
I was bullied in the 4th grade, and no I did not contemplate suicide.

It was three boys, which I'd guess is unusual (i.e., girls usually bullied by other girls; boys by other boys).  Never found out why.  I never mentioned it at home because 1) my teacher consistently looked the other way and my mother was convinced that she was the World's Greatest Teacher and 2) to an 8-9 year old, bullying often seems like a condemning judgement and you never even know what the charges are.

It only stopped after one of them egged me on too far at recess and I punched him and knocked him down -- rather doubt I could hit him hard enough to do that; he was probably just so astonished he lost his balance The next day the second kid, who sat across the aisle from me, started poking me in the leg with a ruler. I finally gave the ruler a hard enough kick to send it flying across the room; the teacher didn't see what had happened and he got into trouble because she thought he'd thrown it.

It stopped after that but that approach woudn't work for every kid, especially not in high school.

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Re: Were You Bullied In School?
« Reply #25 on: April 10, 2010, 04:47:06 pm »
I was bullied in 7th & 8th grades... name calling & humiliation and some physical threats... I don't think I ever seriously contemplated suicide... I was the smart, not very athletic kid in an inner city school where athletics were king and academic achievment was looked down upon by the students. Those were two miserable years that still make my stomach churn when I think of them. Fortunately, I got into an arts high school and life was heaven!

I have to say that despite my misery in the 7th/8th grades... I learned a lot from the experience and I think it did make be a bit tougher... looking back, I so wish I had fought back more, but that could literally have gotten me killed.

My heart goes out to the Prince family. I read where they wanted Phoebe to have the "American High School Experience"... that makes it even sadder.