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Ryan Gosling Will Star in Loganís Run
« on: February 14, 2011, 11:03:21 am »

Ryan Gosling
Is Stepping Up To A Studio Tent Pole With
'Logan's Run' Remake

Thursday February 10, 2011
@ 3:46pm EST


EXCLUSIVE: Warner Bros is finalizing a deal with Ryan Gosling to reunite with his Drive  director Nicolas Winding Refn on Logan's Run,  the remake of the 1976 futuristic drama about a man who tries to outrun a mandatory death sentence that awaits  all 30-year old's. After a distinguished run in mostly independent films, Gosling's making the jump to a studio tent pole. Production starts in the fall.

Studios all over town have been offering roles to Gosling, who is eager to reunite with the director he just worked with on Drive,  in which Gosling plays a stunt driver who moonlights as  a heist wheel man. Warner Bros has been trying to get Logan's Run  off the ground for years. The project first became a priority when Bryan Singer wanted to direct it. Singer, who was drawn to the themes of the obsession with youth and mortality in as utopian society. Singer exited and the project languished until Carl Erik Rinsch signed on with a new take. While Warner Bros got a strong script from Alex Garland, Rinsch exited to direct the Keanu Reeves-starrer 47 Ronin for Universal Pictures. Silver Pictures' Joel Silver and Andrew Rona are producing with Weed Road's Akiva Goldsman, with Kerry Foster exec producing.

In Logan's Run,  Gosling will play Logan 5, a "Sandman" whose job it was to put to permanent sleep those who try to escape mandatory death, the downside of the blissful existence in the domed city that protects the inhabitants who survived a 23rd Century apocalypse. In the William F. Nolan novel, the age of extinction was 21, but it was changed in the original film to match up with original star Michael York. That age works great for Gosling, who just turned 30. But the question is whether Gosling wants to go the commercial route. His one real mainstream commercial outing was The Notebook,  and that was a hit. He stars with Steve Carell in the upcoming Warner Bros comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love, and has been on studio wish lists for such jobs as playing Jack Ryan in the reboot at Paramount. He has been content to focus on indie fare. That includes Half Nelson, Lars and the Real Girl, and most recently terrific performances in Blue Valentine  and All Good Things.  He's booked to next star in the George Clooney-directed The Ides of MarchIFA and manager Carolyn Govers rep Gosling, WME and Anonymous Content rep Refn.
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Re: Ryan Gosling Will Star in Loganís Run
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2011, 07:43:34 pm »
I'm glad to hear they went back to the 30's age bracket.

A year or so ago when rumors started, it was said they were going to go back to the original age of 20 and we were all joking about the Jonas brothers being Sandmen and Miley Cyrus being Holly13.  :laugh: