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Re: On Caregiving
« Reply #370 on: January 26, 2019, 01:02:36 pm »
Yes, I've noticed that about Macs in movies. They're ubiquitous.

So, thanks for the link to the phone, Jeff. Here's how my mom would have coped with it. First of all, if she heard it ringing, she would put it up to her ear and say hello. She might forget that you have to flip it open in order to use it. If she figured that out, she would start jabbing the screen with her fingers, thinking it was a touch-screen. The buttons would be a mystery to her. On top, there are 2 buttons that have a dash on them. What's that about? Then there is a circle with an okay in the middle. What's that about? She would have no clue.

The button with the green handset on it should say "call" instead. Sometimes it has the word "send" which would make no sense to her. The button with the red handset on it should say "cancel". On the numeric buttons, there are also letters that are way too small. You have to push one time for the first letter, twice for the second, and so on. This is completely out of most elderly persons' ability.

I learned not to leave a voicemail because it was impossible for her to retrieve it. But doctor's offices, etc. would leave voicemails which led to missed appointments. Thus, I had to make my phone number, her phone number and I became her personal secretary.  :-\
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Re: On Caregiving
« Reply #371 on: January 26, 2019, 05:05:31 pm »
Would an iPhone have been better? They're designed to be pretty intuitive.

My mom, when her illness started to advance, forgot how to use her microwave.

In fact, I first began to suspect something was wrong when we went shopping and she couldn't figure out how to use those skirt hangers where a piece of sliding metal squeeze the clips together or releases them to open and shut (instead of, say, pinching together like clothespins). And she had spent 30+ years, until her retirement a few years earlier, working in a department store -- the very one in which we were shopping (she was in advertising, but she shopped a lot).

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Re: On Caregiving
« Reply #372 on: January 27, 2019, 11:26:32 pm »
Regarding elders and technology, there is a new item being marketed for grandparents, named "grandpad".


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