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Re: Female Sexuality in BBM
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The character of Monroe is played to be pretty transparent and straightforward a stand-up (if comparatively boring) guy. And you can tell from his 'delayed' reaction to the fight at Thanksgiving that he's a little bit afraid of Ennis. So if he & Alma had had anything going on by the grocery store scene, it would have shown in the way Monroe greets Ennis: either a little guilty or a bit afraid.

Quite on target IMO, and I'd add --

He's in one hell of an awkward situation in the Thanksgiving scene. The dates given indicate that he and Alma haven't been married very long -- maybe 18 months? and she's clearly still carrying a lot of baggage about her first marriage. Not an easy situation for a second spouse; but you also have two stepdaughters who aren't anywhere near young enough to grow up thinking of their stepfather as Daddy.  And the girls' and Alma's reactions at the dinner table suggest that Ennis has been invited mainly to please the kids. 

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Re: Female Sexuality in BBM
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And I got those notes you left with FrontRanger, too.

Took me a while but I'm back. There were a lot of things going on and going down.
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