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Brokeback Mountain Radio is pleased to announce we have signed an affiliation agreement with the USA Radio Network to provide listeners with award-winning news updates up to twice an hour.

USA Radio Network, based in Dallas, has provided radio stations across the country with hourly news for more than 15 years, and serves more than 1100 affiliates across the United States.

"USA Radio Network is committed to providing you with the best in news and information programming. Since 1985 the USA Radio Network has been providing listeners with up to the minute news, sports, business news and long form talk shows 24 hours a day via the latest in satellite technologies. The USA Radio Network has grown to service over 1100 radio stations from coast to coast as well as around the world via the Armed Forces Radio Network."

The news updates will become a part of the soon-to-relaunch Radio Two, our news/information/specials/culture channel.  Listeners will always find concise news reports from across the nation and around the world.

This addition is just part of our planned lineup of programming for Radio Two... stay tuned!

Sample Top-of-the-Hour Newscast

Sample Bottom-of-the-Hour Newsbreak
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