Author Topic: I Love my BbM obsession  (Read 5653 times)

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his belt buckle."
Britt has seen the first 20 minutes of BBM once, and very dark tent scenes 3 times. I was trying my DVDs out on his equipment. Althouhgh he has, he says, no interest in seeing the movie, he always seems to have something to say about Jack. During the first 20 minutes, he said something directly to Jack, ending unpleasantlty in "baby," which I understood to mean he thought Jack was somewhat of a preditor. This afternoon, he said he was afraid "that guy" was going to castrate himself with his belt buckle. After a few mninutes thought about how little he'd actually seen, and what he had heard, of the first tent scene, this made some sense. I answerred, "If that had happened, i assure you all kinds of people of all kinds of sexes would be devistated." He loooked a little shocked. ":Devistated?" "Yes, devistated."

A few minutes later, i was sitting on the back poarch, cutting cloth for quilting, and tryng to sound liike Marlene Dietrich singing "Lili Marlene," when he came out and dropped something, cloth, or thread, or something, on my head. "Oh dear, am I bothering you?" I asked. "No I love your voice," he said.

Which lead me to believe I had made some sort of a pass at him.

Unsere beiden Schatten
sahen wie eine aus
Dass wir lieb uns hatten
das sah man gleich daraus.
Und alle Leute
sollen es sehen
wenn wir bei der
Laterne stehen
Wie einst, Lili Marlene,
wie eins, Lili Marlene.

Our two shadows
looked like one
That we loved eachother
Anyone could easily see from that.
And everybody
should see it
when we stand by the lantern
as once we did, Lili Marlene
as one, Lili Masrlene.
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Re: I Love my BbM obsession
« Reply #11 on: June 27, 2006, 02:05:37 am »
I love my Brokback Mountain obsession because I now know that I CAN become obsessed!  Before Brokeback came into my life I didn't get excited about much of anything.

I love my obsession because it brought me to you guys, and that is such a big deal in my life, you don't know!  I have met some of you in person, and I can't even begin to tell you how much that means to me!  I have been so isolated all my life, and now because of this beautiful jewel of a movie, I know that people will reach out to me, as I have learned to reach out!

I love my Brokeback obsession because I now know that I have taste and can recognize quality! :)

Because of brokeback, I believe in love again.  I have witnessed true love!

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Re: I Love my BbM obsession
« Reply #12 on: December 16, 2006, 07:03:39 pm »
Apart from the other and far more weighty reasons why I have loved and continue to love my BBM obsession, I was reminded of one more reason today.

I was rushing around the supermarket, everything taking too much time, lots and lots of stressed-out people milling about in pre-christmas chaos, overloaded shopping carts, noise level high, syrupy-sweet carols warbling annoyingly about stars and kings through the shopping noise..... when suddenly my eyes caught on a stand of delicacies and I just had to stop and stand there for a little while, taking a breath, smiling fondly.

They were selling a brand of tapas called Tapas - Del Mar.

So....... I love my BBM obsession because it can make little insignificant everyday occurences into reminders of Ennis and / or Jack and thereby really brighten my day. In the middle of stress and chaos BBM can suddenly give me a dozy, happy little moment.

 :) :) :)

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Re: I Love my BbM obsession
« Reply #13 on: December 17, 2006, 12:08:35 am »
I love that, Mika!  Instead of "taking time to stop and smell the roses" we BBM devotees can get the same lift from taking time to stop and think of Our Boys.  :-*
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