Author Topic: Corona - what does help you? Your fears, thoughts, everything  (Read 2981 times)

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Re: Corona - what does help you? Your fears, thoughts, everything
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Oh, I like that theory!!!  Very interesting!   I would be a cat person.  I'm perfectly fine in my apartment, chatting with friends online, and watching TV, doing my daily workouts would be my ball of string.  LOL
Yes, but you are working from home so that keeps you occupied a lot of the time. Until things started opening up last week, I only had my walks around the area, gardening until my back gives way, and the supermarket. I forced myself to watch more TV in the evening and go to bed a bit later than normal. I chatted with my sister by Skype each morning for nearly 30 minutes. Usually it is only about 10 to 15 minutes. I get about 2 phone calls per week and a few emails from friends. I read and slept a lot of the time.
In the last week, I have been able to go out for coffee and I was able to drive to the beach for a walk as I was a bit sick of my local area then bought lunch at a cafe on the way home. I had the Farmers Market this morning. The Library opened on Thursday and museums and art galleries are opening this weekend. Cinemas are remaining closed until mid-June. They are allowed to open now with distances between seats but apparently there are no new movies available so not worth the hassle for them. All my concerts have been cancelled at least until end of July, some for the rest of the year as overseas artists are not allowed in. My subscriptions have either been refunded, held over to next year or donated.
Refunds from my overseas trip are trickling in.