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Chez Tremblay / Re: The ORIGINAL 1000+ Posts Club
« Last post by Front-Ranger on April 08, 2021, 12:39:16 pm »
17 thousand? Damn! Congratulations, friend Paul!
Chez Tremblay / Re: The ORIGINAL 1000+ Posts Club
« Last post by CellarDweller on April 08, 2021, 12:35:29 pm »


I got my first yesterday, too.

I realized when I got there that when I reached a human on the phone last week, I should have made an appointment for my son, too -- he goes to the same clinic and there were several openings. I told the nurses that when I called last Thursday it took me 24 tries and I couldn't even get through to be put on hold. They said they couldn't even use their own office phones then and had to call out using personal cells.

So I told the nurse my son was also a patient at the clinic, she looked him up, wrote down his phone number and said that if she remembers, she'll call him this morning to set an appointment.

Just as I finished typing the sentence above, she called! She had an appointment available for next week. Unfortunately, my son will be in Phoenix for a friend's wedding at the time of the second shot, so he'll have to try again.

I'll recommend your method, Jeff!

Great news!  Congrats on that first vax!!!

Thanks.  :)
Great news!  Congrats on that first vax!!!
Well, that was kind of unexpected. I got my first Covid shot at a Walgreens after work this afternoon.

A couple of weeks ago, a neighbor (older and fully vaccinated) suggested trying a Walgreens later in the day to ask if they had any "leftovers." This afternoon I finally got up the nerve to try it. I went to a smaller, kind of out-of-the-way Walgreens and asked if they had any leftovers from today. The pharmacist never answered the question, but he said, "Would you like to get your shot now?"

(Well, duh. ...)

It's the Pfizer, so I go back on the 28th for the second shot.

No more dealing with websites that don't work, phone calls that don't go through, or waiting on the City. That is such a relief!
I'm sure that's what happened, because it happened with my dad.  He tried to have a friend register my mom, but the friend registered my dad with my mom's email address, so when I tried to register mom with her email, I got an error message.  I had to register my mom with my dad's email, and then it went through.

Of course, when my dad's visiting nurse registered him, she used my e-mail address because my dad doesn't have e-mail. The the odd thing here is that I used my e-mail address to submit the registration, and then I got the e-mail, at my address, that said I was eligible to schedule an appointment. When I tried to schedule an appointment, I verified my date of birth, and then the message I got was that there are no vaccination sites within 100 miles of my dad's address!
The Lighter Side / Re: Say it all in Six Words!
« Last post by CellarDweller on April 07, 2021, 04:02:16 pm »
good luck to  your two kitties
The Lighter Side / Re: Life Advice in Three Words
« Last post by CellarDweller on April 07, 2021, 04:01:58 pm »
have some chocolate
Q. What was the difference between the Chilean sheep and Aguirre's?

A.  Chilean sheep are 'easy'.

Q.  What was the count of the sheep?
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