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 on: Yesterday at 09:12:26 pm 
Started by Jeff Wrangler - Last post by CellarDweller
get deep sleep

 on: Yesterday at 09:11:35 pm 
Started by Front-Ranger - Last post by CellarDweller
mom's computer issues are finally fixed

 on: Yesterday at 07:51:04 pm 
Started by gattaca - Last post by gattaca
I watched both the UK and US versions.  Below are what the US censors changed that I caught.

OK.. I've almost got the version broadcast UK version memorized. They slightly changed things in the US version.    In most cases the US version removed or changed the words "fuck, shit" and removed all shots with any bare asses or even covered asses clearly having sex.  The big surprise is #10...they removed that whole conversation! 

1) About 17 minutes in when Michael and Thomas embrace and fall back onto the bed at the cottage, the UK version shows Thomas eagerly sliding Michael's shorts down. In the US version, it cuts straight to them intensely kissing with no shorts sliding.  Sorry I could not help but to notice that one. Smiley

2) This change is about 26 mins in when Michael and Flora are consummating their marriage. In the UK version, we get full on view of Michael's motions on top of Flora.  In the US version, that part of the scene is darkened and I'd say blurred somewhat or maybe even a quicker cut.

3) About 40 mins in when Lucien and Michael meet at the bar and he's explaining why Michael must go see Thomas in prison, they changed the words Lucien uses.  In the US version he says "because you can fornicate....," in the UK version "he says "fuck".  

4) About 1:04 mins in when Adam is showering after having dinner with his grandmother, in the UK version, there's a cut where he's shown naked thru the shower door (rear view).  In the US version, that view is blurred.

5) From about 1:08 - 1:10, the conversation with his former girlfriend who's trying to fix him up, in the US version they censored the "you are going to go fuck a complete stranger" comment.  Then when Adam meets Bruno, there are no direct shots of either Adam's or Bruno's butt or those frame areas are darkened.  Also the shot of Bruno standing in the door, with his butt clearly in view are cut as is the shot of Adam's butt as he's dressing as Bruno is showering.

6) About 1:30 mins in when Adam is talking to his grandmother, they just removed the word fuck from his line "it's no business of your who I fuck".. we see the lips move but no words.

7) About 1:31 in when Adam has the confrontation with his grandmother and is sitting in the car, the US censors removed the curse word "shit" which Adam yells when the phone call to Steve goes to voicemail.

8 ) About 1:32 in when Adam is giving the guy outside a blowjob, the US censors shorten the scene and remove some camera angles and takes.

9) About 1:33 in when Adam is scrubbing himself in the sink at the cottage, he's standing there naked in the UK version.  In the US version he's wearing a towel around his waist.

10) About 1:38 in when Adam and Steve are talking over a coffee after the guests have gone, the US censors remove the entire conversation where Adam asks Steve if he could ever imaging having kids with him.  The US version jumps directly to "Thanks for making today so special."  

11) About 1:49 when Adam returns home to Flora and is very upset that Steve left,  the US censors strike the word fucking from Adam's dialog "it's all my fucking fault."

later, V.

 on: Yesterday at 06:07:16 pm 
Started by CellarDweller - Last post by CellarDweller
To be honest, my colleague didn't go into specifics on her mom's health. 

If her new position is like the one she has now, she'll be able to work from home from time to time, so that will be a help as well.

 on: Yesterday at 06:05:34 pm 
Started by saucycobblers - Last post by CellarDweller
In the tent, Jack had Ennis by the balls

 on: Yesterday at 05:34:48 pm 
Started by saucycobblers - Last post by Sason
We welcome Wojtek, new player in the thread
we hope you can get limericks in your head
it's a lot of fun
and it's second to none
Now it's time for me to go to bed

 on: Yesterday at 05:28:18 pm 
Started by Jeff Wrangler - Last post by Sason
go to café

 on: Yesterday at 05:27:28 pm 
Started by Front-Ranger - Last post by Sason
11.30 - still not entirely dark outside

 on: Yesterday at 03:07:00 pm 
Started by CellarDweller - Last post by serious crayons
Never seen this video of Meghan before. That's pretty cool. I didn't know she was into the business from such a young age.

I must have missed the part about her being into the business. I took her to be some regular kid who was offended by the commercial and got the company to change it.

I'm offended by those commercials, too. That one's particularly bad, but all housekeeping commercials that focus on women -- i.e., roughly 100% of them -- offend me.

 on: Yesterday at 09:59:22 am 
Started by CellarDweller - Last post by Stradford
Never seen this video of Meghan before. That's pretty cool. I didn't know she was into the business from such a young age.

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