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The Culture Tent / Re: In the New Yorker...
« Last post by Jeff Wrangler on Yesterday at 08:56:45 pm »
I am now three issues behind. I can't recall ever being that far behind.
The Lighter Side / Re: Life Advice in Three Words
« Last post by CellarDweller on Yesterday at 05:18:19 pm »
cereal for dinner
The Lighter Side / Re: Say it all in Six Words!
« Last post by CellarDweller on Yesterday at 05:18:04 pm »
enjoy your time away from work
I really hope my European vacation isn't cancelled, starting in mid-August. Anything to get out of the ununited states.
OH Chrissi, I'm sorry to hear about the family vacation.
Cellar Scribblings / Re: Cellar Scribblings
« Last post by CellarDweller on Yesterday at 04:36:20 pm »
Hiya BetterMost friends.

I hope that everyone is doing well!

Another busy day at work, which is ok, makes the day go faster.

I was able to place an order for groceries online last night, which I'm not sure how to take.  Does it mean that people are finally slowing down with the shopping, and now the stores can stock up again, or did I just have good timing?

Either way, I'll  be able to pick up the order on Sunday evening.

Are your projects always changing, or do you have specific things that you do at specific times?

Hiya Katy.   The projects seem to change as the need changes.   The first project was entering the PPP applications into the SBA system.  This was a race against time, because we had no idea when the money would run out.

After that project was done, I was placed on other project that had to do with verifying information on the apps, and helping to resolve issues regarding processing.  This was also a time crunch, because once the loans  were accepted, the bank had 10 business days to get the clients their money.   With both of these projects, I really had only received some brief training via a webinar, so I was not comfortable with the whole process.

This new project is different.   We have an electronic form called the KYC  (Know Your Customer).  Whenever a customer with us gets new products, the KYC has to be completed.  With these PPP loans, we skipped that part of the process in the interest of time, and processing as many applications as possible.  To date, I believe we've accepted 11,000 applications.  So that means  we now  have to go and 'refresh' or update 11,000 KYC forms.

The difference with this third project I'm on is that it is part of my job function, so I am able to breeze through them pretty easily.  I'd also gone to the office two weeks ago (after hours) and picked up my two monitors, keyboard and mouse, so I am able to move much quicker.

I am sorry, Chrissi but I would not want to go to the UK this year anyway. Can't you go to one of the many lovely places in Germany?
I should be in the Greek Islands at the moment. I had already paid Au$12,000 (US$8.500). I have received about $3000 refund so far and am waiting on another $4000 (they say August). The rest is in credit vouchers, hopefully I will lose less than $500.
However I am not sure if I will be able to travel to Europe next year or ever again. I have fingers crossed for Australia in late September or October ( I have vouchers for the flights). We have had no new cases for 14 days and there is only 1 actual case left in the country. Australia is not so good but improving and there is hope that travel between us will be allowed, some say July but more likely September.
I transferred AU$4000 from Australia to New Zealand last week and have booked accommodation for 5 nights in the Mountains next week. Prices are low as there are no international travellers, usually you have to book months in advance. I will drive about 900km. I am also looking at a new TV.
The Lighter Side / Re: Life Advice in Three Words
« Last post by Sason on Yesterday at 02:52:58 pm »
pet your kitties
The Lighter Side / Re: Say it all in Six Words!
« Last post by Sason on Yesterday at 02:52:13 pm »
tomorrow off and staycation next week!
At the end of June we have to make a definite decision whether we can travel or not. I doubt the quarantine measures will be lifted until then. That will be the end of our family vacation, sigh. :(

I'm sorry to hear that, Chrissi. Fingers crossed for you.

I've always envied Europeans for being able to go from country to country as easily as Americans go from state to state. But I guess in this case, it's a disadvantage.

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