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Re: Introducing the "Jack with Ennis" Fan Fic Game - the BetterMost Edition
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Morning all,

Here's a little something to start your day...

Don Wroe's Cabin
November, 1970

Ennis was shoving another log in the woodstove as Jack came into the cabin, his breath frosty. “Goddamn, Ennis, it must be 100 degrees in here! What the hell are ya doin’?” He shoved his mittens into his pocket as he took off his coat.

“That’s my plan,” said Ennis with a smile.

“What plan?”

“I got me a cabin with a bed, and a woodstove. The only thing missin’ in this picture is naked Jack. I get it hot enough in here and I’ll get that too.”

Jack laughed. “Naked Jack? What if I’m shy, don’t want ta be sittin’ here naked?”

“Ain’t gonna be sittin’, Jack,” said Ennis with a wink.

“Well, I think I know the cure for me bein’ shy.”

“What’s that?”

“Naked Ennis. C’mere, cowboy,” said Jack, with a crook of his finger.


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Re: Introducing the "Jack with Ennis" Fan Fic Game - the BetterMost Edition
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They were lying on the meadow, enjoying the warm sunset light.
Gary was stroking tenderly Dagi´s hair, her head resting in his lap. When she looked up, she could see Toycoon smiling, massaging Gary´s stiff shoulders, leaning with his back gainst Clyde´s back .
Dagi run her fingers through Susie´s wild brown hair since she was resting her head in Dagi´s lap, chatting without fullstops or commas about all the naughty things she would like to do once left alone with Jake, her words wrapping us up in a comforting sweet fog.
Marie was giving Susie a professional footrub, but every now and then she turned around to her laptop when she was overwhelmed by the inner urge to writewritewrite.
Merrily hugged us all with looong arms in a tight warm embrace.
Spiceylife kept running around us in circles, flattering like a babybird, singing <I feel like a virgin...posting for the very first time...!>

This was one odd dream, yet when I woke up, it felt  so real.


Dagi, this is so beautiful!  For once, I'm at a loss for words!  Thanks so much for this!  :)

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Re: Introducing the "Jack with Ennis" Fan Fic Game - the BetterMost Edition
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 and a soothing foot massage from littlewing .... heaven!!! 

Anytime, Susie my love!  I'm told I give the best foot massages in town!

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Re: New Friends - Part 2
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They sat a while chewing the cud, enjoying the cool summers evening.  The guy’s name was John, never gotten married, worked as a ranch hand most of his life.  He was good company, laughing and chattering on, felt comfortable, somehow familiar.

 “My folks are still alive and kickin’.  ‘Course they haven’t spoke a word to me since they found out some twenty years ago”.

“What d’ya mean?  You got a disease or somethin’?”

John laughed, “Yeah that’s what my folks would call it.  No, nothin’ wrong with me friend, just queer is all, like you.”

Ennis was startled by this statement; on the one hand, how in the hell did this fella know? On the other, it was kinda nice being called “Friend” again.

John, seeing the look of shock on Ennis’ face continued quickly, “Oh, they swore I was the spawn of the devil and was goin’ straight to hell, tried to beat it out of me with prayer and a yard stick.”

Ennis looked sympathetically towards him.

“Come on bud, why d’you think I’m always smiling at ya, always sitting out here on the porch just in case ya come by? “

“I just thought that….” he cut himself short, what did it matter what he thought, he’d been wrong about everything else so far.

“Look Ennis, there’s a bar round here, a little ways out of town.  Just men like you and me, getting’ together, drinkin’ beer and shooting some pool.  We don’t get no bother; folk stay away, I don’t know… maybe they think they’ll catch it or somethin’.  Anyway, I’m drivin’ up there this weekend if you wanna go.”

“I dunno…” Ennis stood up, heading back to his trailer, wanted to turn tail and run, but something was holding him there; it was Jack, all he could think was What would Jack want me to do?.  He turned his head back and smiled, “Just getting’ us some more whiskey bud….. yeah, think I’ll come along for the ride.”


This is a great AU piece, Susie!  I can certainly imagine Ennis developing a relationship with someone else - it was just a matter of time.  But I can't really imagine Ennis without Jack!  Lovely work, Sweets!  I really enjoyed reading through this!  ;)

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Re: Coming Down
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Coming Down

Getting back to the truck was taking less time than Ennis thought it would.  He had deliberately slowed his pace in order to have a good look at everything.  Lord only knew when he’d get back to these parts, so he wanted to take it all in.  But that’s not the only reason he was lolling.  John was waiting down with the pickup and Ennis felt shy about meeting up with him.  But his reluctance dissolved when he got close enough to see John standing outside the cab smoking.

There was something in his stance that spoke of patience and forbearance, so Ennis quickened his step.  At a hundred feet they caught one another’s eye.  John threw his cigarette down and smiled warmly, and Ennis broke out in a trot trying to close the gap between them as fast as his bum knees would allow.  He did not stop to take one last look at the mountain behind him, but instead kept his gaze on the man he had loved for nearly 20 years now.  John’s balding head was covered by a straw Resistol, his handlebar mustache was in need of a trim, his paunch was covered by a warn, plaid shirt missing a button, and his Wranglers were getting too tight.  All of these details were familiar to Ennis, but still he never grew tired of looking at John.

The man kept his place.  He was allowing Ennis all the time he needed.  Two hours before Ennis had gotten out and said he was going the rest of the way alone, and John merely nodded his head.  Now Ennis was so anxious for their reunion that he squeezed the man into a bear hug as soon as his arms could reach.  John gently enfolded him and guided his face into the crook of his neck.

Once Ennis felt the embrace of his longtime friend and lover he began to sob.  He had made the rash decision to go on to the campsite he had shared with Jack Twist forty summers before because he was sure he would break down when he saw it.  But he had remained dry-eyed throughout, and it was only now that he could let go.

“I’m so sorry, John.  Please don’t think that just ‘cause I remember Jack that I think any less of you.”

In a hushed tone John said with his lips close to Ennis’s ear, “You dumbass.  I love Jack, too.  I know he’s a part of you, so lovin’ you means lovin’ him.”

Ennis with someone else?  Well, I guess it had to happen eventually.  And Gary, you described it beautifully!  At first I thought John would actually turn out to be Jack (some people say Jack's official name is John) but I could hope, couldn't I?  It is great to see another story by you, Gary!  This is a very well written tale, as usual. 

Oh, and Gary, you're beautiful!  ::)  You look exactly the way I pictured you.

I gotta post my pic here.  ;)

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Re: Introducing the "Jack with Ennis" Fan Fic Game - the BetterMost Edition
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What a loving scene, Dagi.  You make us sound like a family, and that gives me the warm fuzzies.   :)

To tell you the truth I've been having powerful waves of loneliness sweep over me this past month.  I'm an extremely shy person, and I've been living here in this little town in WV.  There hasn't been much opportunity for me to make friends.  I came back here to be with my parents, and now that their gone I feel like a fish out of water. 

I also feel kind of panicky sometimes, espeically at night.  I'm worried about all kinds of things.  I'm worried about finding an apartment.  I'm worried about passing the application process once I do find an apartment.  I'm worried about getting all my stuff from point A to point B.  I'm worried about running out of money.  I'm worried about making new friends once I'm resettled.  Will I find a way of doing that?  I'm worried about getting sick and having no one to call on.  I'm simply worried.

So thanks for the image of all of us together, accepting each other, supporting each other, expressing affection, and enjoying one another's company.


Gary, honey, don't worry.  I'm so sorry you're feeling this way!  A man like you will not have to worry about making new friends!  You'll find a lot of people who will care about you, and will take care OF you!  I'm certain of this.  If you need to talk, please send me a PM.  I'm here for you, Baby!

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Re: Introducing the "Jack with Ennis" Fan Fic Game - the BetterMost Edition
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Here's another little tidbit from the Lazy L universe...

Lazy L Farm
Quanah, TX
August 31, 1976

Ennis leaned against the wall of the bathroom, watching Jack as he rubbed shaving cream across his face, then picked up his razor. “I like watchin’ ya shave,” he commented.

“Ya do?”

Ennis nodded.

“What, ya think it’s sexy or somethin’?”

Ennis shrugged. “Mebbe sexy, I dunno, mebbe just a guy thing.”

Jack smiled at him as he continued to scrape the razor across his cheek. “A guy thing, huh?” he said, with a small wink. “Yer gay, En, y’know that.”

“Yeah, I know,” replied Ennis, looking down at his feet.

“Ever get a shave from a barber?”

Ennis shook his head no. “Ain’t got the money for that kind a stuff,” he said. “Besides, I ain’t sure I’d like some guy rubbin’ his hands all over my face.”

“Ya like me rubbin’ my hands on your face…”

“Yer diff’rent.”

“True.” Jack finished his shave, washing the remnants of cream off his face and rinsing his razor in the running water. “Who cut yer hair?”

Ennis looked puzzled. “What d’ya mean?”

“I mean, did ya go ta the barber for that?”

“Oh, no. My mama cut my hair, then my sister, then Alma.”

“But ya ain’t been with Alma for a while. Who’s been cuttin’ it now?”

“I tried ta do it myself,” said Ennis, his voice soft.

Jack stepped close to his lover and ran his fingers through his hair. “I could probably cut yer hair,” he said. “Not too hard ta learn ta do…”

Ennis didn’t say anything, just felt Jack’s touch and gentle caress at the base of his skull.

“Ain’t cuttin’ off the curls, though,” he said, leaning in for a kiss.

MaineWriter, this is very playful, sweet and romantic!  Just the way I like my fic, and just like Ennis and Jack!  Thanks so much for this!  :)

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Re: Indigo Twist-Del Mar
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What a sweet idea Marie, thanks for this.

Thank you, Clyde!  I laughed, I cried as I wrote this!

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Hot and Cold
« Reply #378 on: June 22, 2007, 11:03:05 pm »
Ennis Del Mar carried Jack Twist in his arms all the way back to camp.  Camp was a good 2 miles from the hiking trail, but Ennis never considered dropping Jack on his feet.  Never.  Jack was just fine an hour ago, but he became lethargic and weak as he climbed the small hill that led to..well..Ennis and Jack were exploring again, just like the old days up on Brokeback.

Jack collapsed in Ennis’ arms, and Ennis cried out in terror!  He scooped Jack up, carried him like he was a child to a log by the side of the trail.  Ennis placed his cheek against Jack’s forehead.  He was burning up!  “It looks like you’ve come down with a bug, Rodeo!”  Ennis whispered against Jack’s hair.  Jack wavered and leaned up against his lover.  “I’m sorry, friend.”  Jack's breathing was labored.  “I was fine until just a few minutes ago.  Can we head back to camp?  I’m sure I’ll be back to my old self in the mornin’.”  Ennis nodded and picked Jack up as though we were light as a feather. 

“Let me down, Friend, I can walk!”  But Ennis ignored his lover’s protestations and continued walking with Jack in his arms.  Jack knew better than to continue objecting.  When Ennis had a mind to do something, he could be right stubborn!  Jack laid his head against Ennis' neck and passed out.  When they reached camp, Ennis gently lowered Jack to the ground and climbed into the tent.  He prepared the bedroll, and climbed back out to collect his lover.  When Jack was safely inside their small “bed” Ennis considered what to do.  He rubbed Jack’s forehead, played with the hair lying there.  He decided to give Jack a few aspirin, and if he wasn’t better in a few hours, he would go down to town for help.  Ennis decided to turn in for the night, without a fire, without supper.  He wanted to be near Jack, be there for him!  It was cold outside, the bedroll was hot, but Ennis cuddled Jack into his arms and held him.  He rocked him gently, placing soft kisses on top of his head.  He would stay there with Jack until the end of time, if need be…
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Re: Love or no love
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Straddling Jack with his full weight, overpowering the first person he'd ever made love to only hours before, Ennis' hands tightened around Jack's throat; intensely confused aggression blinded Ennis so much, he could hardly see through his tears.

Jack struggled and kicked madly, kneeing Ennis squarely on the nose; Ennis wiped his bloodied nose with the sleeve of his shirt, stared at the smear and stood there gasping confounded.

Jack, startled by the sight of Ennis' blood, rushed over to comfort his lover; Ennis, who was taught to be nobody's fool under any circumstance, sucker punched Jack in the eye so hard, the sound echoed through the glen.

So sad, and exciting all at once.  Very nice, Toycoon!